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  5. "Кофе здесь?"

"Кофе здесь?"

Translation:Is the coffee here?

January 7, 2016



Would "Is there coffee here?" be acceptable as well?


I agree. I feel like when you say the sentence, you don't want to imply that all of the world's coffee is there, but if there is (some) coffee?


Is the coffee here? makes sense if you already know that there is coffee somewhere. Is there coffee here is asking whether or not you have it at all. Eg. Someone is providing coffee to your office meeting. When you arrive you ask "is the coffee here?" Or You are looking in the cupboard and ask "is the coffee here"? And are told no, its in the cellar.


Is there the coffee here?=Кофе здесь?
Is there coffee here?=Здесь есть кофе?/Здесь есть кофе?


Я тоже так думаю.


Which is the difference betwin coffee and café (кофе)?

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What I have understand is that coffee (the beverage) is кофе and café (the place) is кафе


Let's meet at a café and have some coffee there.


Is there coffee" incorrect? Why?!


Not one, but two of my native Russian friends say this is odd and they would never say it this way. One lives in Moscow and the other in St. Petersburg. To say specifically "Is the coffee here" they said it would have to be something like "Это тот самый кофе?" or "Здесь есть какое-либо кофе?" I got the impression that they were implying that "Кофе здесь?" is kind of, sort of like broken English. But taken out of context, there is nothing in this phrase implying some specific coffee, therefore it seems that translations like "Is there coffee here should be ok.


Where is the coffee? Где кофе? - The coffee is here. Кофе здесь. - Is the coffee here? Кофе здесь?


In English "Is there coffee here" would seem a correct equivalent. Anyone?


Not quite. The sentence 《Кофе здесь?》 asks, "Is the coffee here?" Whereas your question is asking about the existence of coffee at this place. Subtle but important difference.


I agree, "is the coffee here?" sounds like you came back from groceries, and know you have coffee, but don't know if you left it from the car

"Is there coffee?" is more like, you don't know if you need to go buy more


How do you know if it's 'coffee' or 'café' in a sentence?


They are both spelled and pronounced differently. "Coffee" is "кофе" with the stress falling on the first syllable. "Café" is "кафе", the last syllable is stressed.


Hello there ! I cannot find the russian keyboard...I got many but hiw should it be written please ? I am beginner and english is not my native language...thank you !


What sound does ь make by itself and in this word здесь. And can you replace the Е with a и


"ь" and "ъ" are not letters, so they have no sound. They're sound modifiers, and they affect the sound of the letter before them. "ъ" makes you pronounce harder the letter, while "ь" makes you pronounce the letter softer


Thank you. This has helped me a lot


Your comment is highly underrated. Спасибо большое!


Lack of asking melody. For me it sounds like a statement. " The coffee is here!"


Why isn't is there coffee here accepted?


I'm not a native, but I immediately translated that as "Здесь есть кофе?".

In Russian, different word orders give different emphasis. In "Здесь есть кофе?", you are asking if the coffee exists (hence why the "есть"); while in "Кофе здесь?", you know that the coffee exists, so you're asking if it is in a specific location


The difference between "Is there coffee here" and "Is the coffee here" is so subtle, I don't feel like we should get dinged for it. This is Russian class, after all, not English. Duolingo is not great at conveying that kind of subtlety anyhow


This one scared me i didnt understand and yeah "Кофе здесь?" Means "is the coffee here?"

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