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Setting for different versions of spelling

English is an odd language where most of the world spells words one way, but a huge segment (the U.S.) spells the same words differently.

This creates a problem when a translation is correct in every way using either the international spelling (ie neighbour) or the American spelling (ie neighbor) and somebody comes along and changes it purely because of where they live.

The reason it becomes a problem is that when a third person comes along and verifies the translation, the original translator doesn't get the credit to up their translator tier.

Could it be possible to have the members set a default on their computer so regardless of which spelling is entered, it will display the spelling of the country that the checker is viewing.

Because the U.S. is such a big country with such a large population, they tend to overwhelm those of us who spell words like cheque, neighbour, colour, favour, kilometre, etc. the British way. But at the same time, I don't feel we should have to spell words in a way we consider incorrect just so as not to lose our standing.

4 years ago

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The Immersion Community Guidelines http://www.duolingo.com/comment/984423 (IG1) says:


<pre> Use the same spelling of the word throughout the text (e.g. colour or color, not both). </pre>

This means, if you find a document that has one spelling first, continue with that spelling throughout.

Unfortunately, not everyone has read the guidelines. But, if everyone saves this link to their bookmarks, and passes it along when they encounter discussions about Immersion, we can reduce the amount of conflict (ie edit wars) and increase the overall quality and consistency of our group translations.

I hope this has helped. ^_^

4 years ago