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  5. "Zwierzę, człowiek, maszyna"

"Zwierzę, człowiek, maszyna"

Translation:An animal, a human, a machine

January 7, 2016



A person isn't exactly an equivalent of "człowiek". If you consider science-fiction races, or fantasy races, all sentient beings should be considered 'persons', but they're aren't human.


That's ridiculous. In English 'person' and 'human' are synonymous. I'm not even sure that fantastical races would be considered people.


Yeah, exactly, not people, but they are persons, they are conscious.

Let me put it this way: if you open https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human - can you substitute "human" with "person"? Does "Persons are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina." or "The closest living relatives of persons are chimpanzees (genus Pan) and gorillas (genus Gorilla)" make sense? Do we speak about "global person population"? I don't think so.

We accept "person" in most sentences, if the word "człowiek" refers to a specific person (exactly) and not the species, like in "He is a nice man/person". But not here.


Aside from what Jellei already mentioned, you wouldn't substitute person with human either. Or would you ever say: "I like this human!" ?


Why not and a machine?


There was no "i" in the Polish phrase, just a comma.


I can't get 'zwierzę', why is it written this way?


What bother you? "rz" is pronounced like "ż", final "ę" can be denasalized so it can be pronounced similarly to "e"


what part you don't understand ? rz? ę? ę sounds like e (polish one) at the and of word. nouns in Nominative end with ę - and you hear that ę in other cases zwierzęcia....zwierzęta rz sounds exactly like ż and while there are sometimes rules for which is when I don't recall any that applies to zwierzę


I don't get what confuses you. How would you like it to be written?


Because "zwierzę" is actually the nominative form of the word. It's not an accusative feminine noun.


True. But some words just look like that, although there are not many of them. Also for example "źrebię" (a foal) and "cielę" (a calf).


We shall ascend to our destined evolutionary purpose, oh my droogs

[deactivated user]

    A man is not anymore a person or even a human ?


    "man" works, "human" is the main answer, but "person" is too vague for this phrase.

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