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  5. "The forks are yours."

"The forks are yours."

Translation:Çatallar senin.

January 7, 2016



Why would İ not use 'seninki' here?


You actually could but you have to use the plural marking. So it has to be Çatallar seninkiler.

Yet there is a little difference in meaning. Compare

Çatallar senin. - The forks are yours. (The forks belong to you.)
Çatallar seninkiler. - The forks are yours. (The forks are your forks. or The forks are the ones belonging to you.)

So we use seninki only as a pronoun in order to avoid repeating the same word. Not as an implication of possession.

Benim arabam mavi. Seninki (senin araban) hangi renk? - My car is blue. Which color is yours (your car)?

Bu araba benim. (bana ait). -> This car is mine (belongs to me).
Bu araba benimki (benim arabam). -> This car is mine (my car).


Still don't understand why the plural ending has to be on "seninki" if it is already on "Çatallar."


Why no çatarlar senin mi? Tks


Two reasons: 1) the word is "çatallar," not "çatarlar" 2) the word "mi" makes it a question, like saying "are the forks yours?" instead of "the forks are yours."

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