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  5. "The forks are yours."

"The forks are yours."

Translation:Çatallar senin.

January 7, 2016



Why would İ not use 'seninki' here?


You actually could but you have to use the plural marking. So it has to be Çatallar seninkiler.

Yet there is a little difference in meaning. Compare

Çatallar senin. - The forks are yours. (The forks belong to you.)
Çatallar seninkiler. - The forks are yours. (The forks are your forks. or The forks are the ones belonging to you.)

So we use seninki only as a pronoun in order to avoid repeating the same word. Not as an implication of possession.

Benim arabam mavi. Seninki (senin araban) hangi renk? - My car is blue. Which color is yours (your car)?

Bu araba benim. (bana ait). -> This car is mine (belongs to me).
Bu araba benimki (benim arabam). -> This car is mine (my car).


Still don't understand why the plural ending has to be on "seninki" if it is already on "Çatallar."


why couldn't I say catallar sende


Why no çatarlar senin mi? Tks


Two reasons: 1) the word is "çatallar," not "çatarlar" 2) the word "mi" makes it a question, like saying "are the forks yours?" instead of "the forks are yours."

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