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  5. "Ви чули її?"

"Ви чули її?"

Translation:Did you hear her?

January 7, 2016



You can also say: "Чи ви відчуваєте цей запах/смерід?" "Do you feel that fragrance/ (disgusting) smell?" ;)


Do you use "пахне?" I read it means "smells like." пахне м'ята (smells like mint).


Пахне м'ятою.


A little addition: "сморід", not "смерід"


From the dictionary hints ви = you, чули = hear (past tense)/ heard, їі = her. Therefore "Did you hear her" one of two possible solutions. The one that is listed above uses the word "did" to establish the past tense of the sentence the alternative is to use the past tense of the verb itself. This means that actual literal word for word translation "You heard her" is equally correct. It will also help connect the two words based on the tense. I will input an answer to meet the requirement in order to proceed, but under protest because my INCORRECT answer is more correct than the established correct answer.


Should be pronounced їЇ, not Її

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