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Sometimes the voice recording doesn't work

[deactivated user]

    Sometimes I'll record my voice for a question and it just won't register that I did it. I once left the computer, watched an hour long television program, and came back to my answer still not being processed. I want to know if anybody else has had this issue or if it's just my computer/microphone/internet. It kills me in timed practices. I am on a Windows 7 computer and I use both Chrome and Torch. I have had the issue on both.

    December 15, 2013



    Adding my +1 to this. It's recording, I can play it back, but it never processes it and moves on.


    I'm really new here but I'm having trouble when trying to record my voice in the exercises, I have Adobe Flash/Windows 7/Firefox, I've already checked the microphone and it's working perfectly. I don´t know what to do since I do the practice all right but always lose a heart because of that. Please, let me know what I'm supposed to do. Thanx.


    I have the same problem. I'm using Firefox on my Mac.


    It doesn't mater which browser I am using... If I use Google Chrome, I am getting the same problem.


    I have the same problem. Sometimes the button lets me register my recording and then stop responding, some other times just get stuck in grey and doesn't let me record anything. It is completely randomly because most of the times it works just fine. I use chrome on both my pc with win7 and mac with Maverick.


    I get this (or something like it) sometimes on Firefox on Mac; I click the microphone to record, say something (and I can see that it hears me) then click Stop, but it just goes back to the blue microphone symbol and doesn't seem to process the answer. I can do it many times for the same question, and sometimes it will eventually work (one time, I just clicked it a few more times without saying anything, and suddenly it worked and told me I had the right answer.) This last time I tried many times and eventually just had to skip the question.


    This is a huge problem and it really is about time DL fixed it.


    yeah, the same happens to me. it kills me when i'm on a perfect run and, because of a bug, i lose a heart. windows7/firefox here


    I am having the same problem as well. It just hangs after speaking input and there is nothing you can do but start the lesson over...


    I'm also having this problem, I'm using Chrome on Windows 7.


    I'm having the same problem. Mac (Mavericks) + Firefox.


    Same problem here. Windows 8 and firefox. Used to work a month ago, now it doesn't :(


    I am having the same problem! It is very annoying Duolingo!


    This thread is a year old but the bug is still there. Microphone only works occasionally on website. I haven't experienced the problem on mobile.


    Duolingo is still working on the microphone feature. You might want to let the folks in Troubleshooting know what's happening for you. If you'd like to move this post to the Troubleshooting forum, follow these steps:

    1. edit

    2. click "duolingo" in the editing window (this is a drop down menu)

    3. select "Troubleshooting" from the menu

    4. save

    PS don't forget to add what operating system and browser you're using (for example, I'm using Windows7/Firefox

    To find the Troubleshooting forum in the future, just go to the main Discussion page, look to the right, and scroll down until you see the miniature flags. Good luck! ^_^

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you friend!


      Just posted same problem in this section :)


      There's a voice feature? Where and how? Even with glitches I think this sounds like the best thing since Talkie the Toaster and a loaf of sliced bread.

      [deactivated user]

        You don't have it? Check your settings and make sure your mic is turned on.


        To my minor embarrassment, I realized I'd turned it off manually in the Duolingo settings because it did not seem to be performing any actual function.

        I still haven't managed to make it work. Maybe it's competing with another program for control of the mic input. I've also got my browser locked down a bit drastically, especially where flash is concerned. It may end up being more trouble than it's worth.

        Thank you very much for your reply. :)


        At the moment, I have mine off. I just say the sentences out loud. However, I also have a good grasp of pronunciation. If you don't, I would find a native speaker in person or on Youtube who has put up a pronunciation tutorial. I would watch it for a few days in a row, and then review once a week for a while. It's good to stay far away from developing bad pronunciation habits. :)


        Yeah, I've been getting this problem on my computer, regardless of browser as well.


        Same problem but sometimes it says I couldn't understand you so must mean it can hear me but it just won't register.


        Yep. Have this problem intermittently as well. Sometimes reloading the page will help, other times not.


        Same here, any solution? I have to reset lecture every time this happens and start all over again...


        Same for me. And it got way worse today, 5/15, after Microsoft's update. Tried 5 browsers only Chrome worked, and I must repeat many time for comprehension. Duolingo in not usable for voice response.


        I've been getting the same issue with my Windows 8 laptop and Firefox.


        I still have this problem. Any solution, or should I just turn off microphone?


        If it is getting in the way of your studies, i suggest just turning it off for now and saying everything out loud as default. In the past users have successfully troubleshooted some of the mic issues. But you'll need to find those discussions using the discussion search bar and see if they match yours. Because so many people created new posts instead of looking up the old ones, they are very buried in a bunch of dead end posts like this one :( but stay subscribed to this post in case someone techie comes along with an answer (I am not techie or I would totally try to solve this for everyone)


        Thank you very much for your answer.


        Before you give up check out the Adobe Flash settings on your computer as a number of us (in another thread - please don't ask me which one) find that each time Flash is updated we lose the ability of DL to hear us and have to check and reset one or more settings in Flash.


        Well... I maxed all types of flash memory for duolingo. Now I tried to do typical Strenghten skills and it worked. Maybe the problem is with not crealing previous recordings from memory. Thank you for advice, I will try more tomorrow and post results. If it will work tomorrow I will shout "YES, YES, YES" like a mad man.


        Great to hear it worked. Even with this "fix" DL is sometimes reluctant to hear and sometimes fails. But once Flash is set correctly all I have to do is temporarily disable the mike and finish the current module. Then turn the mike back on again, log off then long on again and the mike is usually OK again.

        We'll all be listening for your "YES, YES, YES" tomorrow!!


        I totally forgot about this topic. Everything is working just fine. Again, big thanks.


        Yesterday was the first day in I can't recall how long that I had no problem with DL "hearing" me. It was a long time coming and long may it continue.

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