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"Sanki büyümüş gibi konuşuyor."

Translation:He is talking as if he has grown up.

January 7, 2016



why is "as though" not ok here?


It sounds quite awkward to my English speaking ear to say it that way, but I cannot think of why it would be grammatically incorrect. I have added it.


I think "as if" and "as though" are completely interchangeable. "As though" may be more British, or simply going out of fashion, I reckon.


What is the purpose of this sentence? İ mean, what is the actual meaning? Does it mean he is talking as if he was a grown up/adult? İ wouldn't say it the way it has been said in this exercise.


Unless the Turkish sentence is implying that he has actually grown up (in which case I feel that the English ‘as if’ would be out of place), I think the English translation should rather read: ‘as if he had grown up’.


Would "büyüdü" be wrong or awkward in this sentence? I am trying to understand the use of miş/mış/muş/müş.


I am learning as well, but I think you didn't see that he had grown up. Therefore you cannot use past tense. And sanki = "as if" implies that you didn't see that. Hope that will help you.


We have not learned sanki yet!


Why is Talking the only correct translafion of Konusuyor although Konusmak means both Speaking and Talking?


Does 'sanki' automatically take the narrative mode?


'He is talking like a grown up' seems to be the most suitable translation in English. Gibi translates to 'like a' also

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