"I should not listen to you."

Translation:Nie powinnam cię słuchać.

January 7, 2016

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So both powinienem and powinnam are acceptable? Are these two different verbs, two aspects of the same verb, or what?


Powinienem is masculine and powinnam is feminine but they both mean I should.


Even if the word order doesn't naturally occur often it shoukd be accepted as it does in fact occur and is correct Polish.


Accept Nie powinnem słuchać ciebie.


The word order which is used in the answer is the most natural. And the word is "powinienem" and not "powinnem"


Sorry about that little typo. Powinnam for feminine and Powinienem for masculine. You're right that it sounds a little off on its own but when part of a longer sentence it would make more sense (eg: Nie powinienem ciebie słuchać kiedy ty mnie nie słuchasz.)


Okay, I am a bit confused, after looking at the discussion here. So as a male, I should say powinienem, and never powinnam? I did not think there were differences like that in present tense verbs?


Yes, it's a very special verb. I think that's the only one that shows gender in Present Tense. In fact, it can also be used for Past Tense (I should not have listened to you), although personally I would say "Nie powinienem był" - which is technically plusquamperfect, but it's still in use and it's a logical choice in my opinion.


It wouldn't accept 'Nie powinnam ciebie słuchać'.. tylko 'cię'. Are ciebie and cię not always interchangeable?


They're not interchangeable at all. "ciebie" gives more emphasis, which rarely makes sense. You should use it after a preposition (e.g. "dla cię" is just incorrect, it has to be "dla ciebie") and if you are contrasting 'you' and someone else.


słuchać ciebie is wrong? It has to be ciebie sluchać??


Good enough to add to accepted answers.


It is OK but it may suggest that you should listen to someone else.


Is there no need for a "to" word? I tried "na ciebie" but it was wrong. Is the "to" baked into one of the other words?


"słuchać" just means "listen to". It doesn't take any preposition in Polish.

In a way you could say that it's 'baked' into the need to use Genitive after "słuchać".


Ok great, thank you! I suppose Polish is your first language? :)


Might be an ignorant question, but.... Why is "Nie powinnam ci słuchać," incorrect?


Słuchać takes genitive. This can be 'cię' or 'ciebie', but 'ci' is dative.


Nie powinnam/ Nie powinienem cię słuchać - I should not listen to you

Nie powinnam/ Nie powinienem ci mówić - I should not tell you


the model answer is what I wrote and it was marked wrong


In such a case we need a screenshot so we could investigate.


Nie powinnam słuchać ciebie — why not?


Firstly, we should avoid putting a pronoun at the end of the sentence if there's another place for it.

Secondly, there's no reason to use the emphasized form 'ciebie' here, it's like saying "I should not listen to YOU".


This seems like a perfectly natural emphasis in plenty of situations.


I've looked up both versions in the corpus and the result tells me that "Nie powinnam słuchać ciebie" should remain rejected.

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