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Bonus Skill

A few weeks ago I think the site glitched out and I was able to see the Turkish bonus skill in the lingot store. I switched over to French to see if French had a new skill too. It didn't. :'( When I went back to Turkish the skill wasn't available anymore. But in case anyone was wondering it was the titles of family members like kaynana, yenge, bacanak, etc. I could be completely wrong but I'm sure everybody loves bonus skills and would like to know what's in the (hopefully near) future.

January 7, 2016



We have a skill for just extended family members, one for Turkish proverbs, and one for extremely common everyday hard-to-translate expressions. We have no news as to when these might be released though...they have been ready for almost a year now :)


They sound fantastic. My wife's family is so big I really need to revise the words for extended family members. Hope they can be released soon.


Bunu dört gözlü bekliyorum, o zaman


dört gözle* :D türkçeyi çok iyi konuşuyorsun!


Çok teşekkür ederim sana, ama daha çok öğrenmem lazım :)


önemli değil. iyi şanslar!


I'm Turkish and I still have trouble with words such as bacanak and gorumce (and other extended family). It's actually an ongoing joke in our family, since we all get them mixed up :-)

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