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  5. "Mężczyźni widzą psy."

"Mężczyźni widzą psy."

Translation:The men see dogs.

January 8, 2016



Psy is accusative plural form?


I am confused. Isn't "pies" masculine personal? So shouldn't it take Genitive when plural accusative.


I don't know if you confuse stuff or if you just phrased it in a strange way. Accusative can 'look like' Genitive, 'be identical to' Genitive, but it will still be Accusative. And that's how one has to look at it. Anyway:

"widzieć" takes Accusative

"pies" is simply masculine (we only care about the notion of 'personal' in plural. In singular, the notion of 'animate' is important in masculine Accusative)

and in plural, as dogs are not persons, it's 'not masculine-personal'

And the 'not masculine-personal' plural looks has its Nominative and Accusative form identical.

If it was something 'masculine personal', like boys or people, then indeed Accusative would look the same as Genitive.


And who says Polish is confusing?! :)


LOL my thoughts exactly. It's like i just read something in English but it may as well been Polish for all i understood.

I may have to content myself with speaking a blended cases Polish cause words changing every time you utter a new word is scary! I now know so many words in Polish but they're all for the same ten things! :P


Pies is a very odd word in PL. Pies, psy, psów, psa... - the endings change so much that it looks nothing like the original word


Actually, it's not odd at all, and these changes are completely regular… It's just that it is way simpler to pretend that they are not(ie. treat them as exceptions), than explain the yer reflexes, which might require couple of years studying Linguistics/Phonology/Phonotactics and then a few months of crash course of Slavic development since Proto-Slavic to understand. ;P


Nice insight!! :)


It's the same in Russian--pios, psy, psa, psow, psam, psom, psami, psje, psach, nothing odd or unusual about it. Just Slavic declensions, except pios is an old-fashioned, literary term in Russian. Sobaka is the common word--sobaka, sobaki, sobak, sobakam, sobakoj, sobakami, sobakie, sobakach


Liczba mnoga jest strasznie myląca!


Mezczyzni to liczba mnoga! Mam problem!!!


RU: Mużściny widiat psow.

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