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"Я не знаю где он, зато я знаю, где его брат."

Translation:I don't know where he is, but I know where his brother is.

January 8, 2016



"I don't know where he is, but I do know where his brother is" is also a perfectly acceptable answer that sounds quite natural in English.


Exactly. I entered the same exact thing and was told it was wrong because of "do." We're putting emphasis on it, sure, but it's perfectly correct...


Are зато and но synonymes?? I've seen two sentences in which they both mean But


They both mean 'but', but зато is specifically for the case of presenting a positive after a negative, or something that seems to make up for the first clause. For example, "I ate all of the chicken, but there is some rice left for you."


Спасибо! :)


Why can't I use "though" for "зато" here? It accepts "although" and "but," but "though" is what I would naturally choose. Is this a case of me just not knowing my prepositions (and how to use them)?


My guess would be using "though" here implies that knowing where his brother is should also make me know where he is.

зато, in my opinion, is used in a case like "..., at least I know where his brother is. he has his phone number."


Should that second comma be there? It seems like it's in the middle of a clause. "I [do] not know where he [is], however I know, where his brother [is]."


That's Russian grammar. It differs greatly when it comes to comma usage.


Is it the case that зато would also equate to the British English use of however or nevertheless?


This still feels like a frustratingly long sentence for an A1-level type what you (should) hear exercise. I would expect something this complex to be reserved for farther down in the tree. Mid-level at least. I'm still only just a little better than a monkey with a keyboard at this point of the process. ;)


The sentence is at quarter of the tree. I'm level 8 and I'm glad I understood it by myself, without checking the hints. I suppose most people that studied each lesson so far is able to understand this sentence.


I'm also at level 8 as I post this and understood it fine reading it, but Ward.Joshua got it as a "Type what you hear" exercise. No hints on those. And oh man, if I were in a hurry, I might skip that and take the hit rather than even try. :D

"Type what you hear" are actually my favorite exercises, provided I've actually learned all the vocab in them.


Play the whole thing, fast and slow and repeat til you understand the whole sentence fast. Then you won't spend 10 years, like I did, not understanding anything real peopke are saying. It is really helping!


Enter Fast and Furious 7


Why isn't it "Я не знаю, где он, зато я знаю, где его брат"? I though there should be a comma between each clause...


Because there are 2 THOUGHTS, not 4.


I came here to ask the exact same thing. Punctuation is not necessarily about ‘thoughts.’ My understand is that there should be a comma right before each где. Can any of the experts confirm that?


A very funny phrase, congrats to the authors. Makes one think of a "Useful Phrases For Interrogations" pocketbook.


You can imagine this frase when fbi come to you house looking for your friend's brother that has been doing illegal things don't you?


Here, the slow audio for зато sounds like zatuuuu, with a comically elongated vowel. Additionally, it sounds like зату instead of зато.


Nothing to do here, as every thing is chosen


This question had the entire answer filled in for me


I omitted the second "я" and it was marked wrong. Right after that I was presented the sentence "Я люблю спать, зато хорошо работаю." (https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11766797) where obviously no second mentioning of the subject is needed. So it shouldn't for this one here as well.

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