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  5. "Это пюре, а вот пицца."

"Это пюре, а вот пицца."

Translation:This is mashed potatoes, and here is a pizza.

January 8, 2016


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Is there somthing wrong with this answer? "These are mashed potatoes and here's pizza"


I got the same thing wrong. Is there a difference between a mashed potato and mashed potatoes? How can one tell?


This is not these and here is a pizza not here is pizza for some reason its really specific


"These are mashed potatoes and here is a pizza." was accepted. Sometimes DuoLingo does not accept any abbreviations.


what they had in russian was the words this is you typed these


oh and you forgot to say a between here's (a) pizza


I am not sure but maybe it is (this) not (these) because you talking about a plate or any container have mashed potatoes... Sorry for my bad english


It should be "these are" mashed potatoes to my mind.


Just one mashed potato


How could I know that пюре has "the", but пицца doesn't?


You don't unless there is context given. Russia doesn't have 'a/an' and 'the'.


Better to give the whole sentence, there's no way to tell if it was correct or not. There are some correct answers not yet accepted which should be reported.


Because пюре is "the" but пицца is "pizza" you can tell because when the audio rolls over the word пицца, is makes the sound, "pizza." Hope this helps!


I thought 'puree', would be accepted as 'пюре'? It is the same word.


Puree in english is a type of dish preparation (puréed) generally. Mashed potatoes are puréed but not purée itself.


Пицца is the only Russian word I know with a double letter, however, it's obviously a loan word. Does Russian have double letters natively? I've only completed about 6 Russian topics on Duolingo so far, so my Russian vocabulary is very limited.


It does, "по-русский" would be I guess a common example and I think "её" can be written just as "ее". I think I've also seen "оо" within one word (I don't remember what it was) and that was weird, it was pronounced like "ao" but for whatever reason written like that.

You're at a pretty high level for a "very limited" vocabulary!


This is a very strange sentence.


I put, "These are the mashed potatoes, and here's the pizza" and it was marked wrong on account of my contraction "here's". Shouldnt it be accepted?

[deactivated user]

    It should. Did you report it?


    Why isn't 'but' acceptable for 'a' here?


    Could "This is mashed potatoes, and that's pizza" be considered correct?


    It sounds like I'm introducing someone to food. Is that right? :/


    This is a mashed potatoes, and here is a pizza - was considered as a mistake, suggested "potato" as a correct option. And it was not so funny, if in the clue did not offer "mushed potatoes" as the only option :) Reported!


    For Duolingo staff! If I said "mashed potato" it would be just the one; if I said "mashed potatoes" it would be multiple potatoes mashed together, therefore, as I have heard it said before, "These are mashed potatoes," would be correct.


    I put there is a mashed potatoes and here is pizza I'm confused why I got it wrong


    Not saying my pronunciation is good by any means, but Duo seems to reject a lot of the words I'm saying . Any tips on пюре pronunciation ?


    It's so hard to pronounce "пюре" for me. Can anybody say it correctly all the time? I always do my best but Duolingo denied all the time. What's the matter with my pronunciation!?


    confused on the pronunciation of 'пюре'. what sound does 'ю' typically make?


    In English we talk about mashed potatoes, we never refer to a mashed potato. It just sounds stupid. Пюрэ, I’m certain does not mean a single mashed potato even in Russian! Since we are translating into English, believe me, we never say mashed potato.


    I put "This is" for Это and it still counted me off on that. Weird...


    "A" wasnt counted as ..


    As AND. its the same !


    Pizza won't acknowledge the Russian p" п " , but uses the english "p", which is the Russian "r"


    I put, "This is puree and here is pizza". It marked me correct.


    What is the difference between зз and цц


    The first one is two voiced s's, the other one is "tsts".

    It's a good question why they have chosen to write it like that, since it's pronounced simply as "питса". Actually pronouncing the two 'ц's would be interesting, although I wouldn't be surprised if the equivalent of that existed in some word!


    this sounds like ¨this is puree , i vote pizza¨


    This is mashed potatoes and here is a pizza. was marked correct for me. It's a very weird sentence.


    Buuuut... when I don't know how is "pizza" in Russian or when I hear "А нет" or something else?


    "а" is a conjuction meaning "and" or "but" so....


    I didnt know this word so it was hard to pronounce the mash potato


    How do yiu pronounce пюре?


    Mashed potatoes can be pronounced like, Py--ur--ey. Just make sure to role the R. :)


    how do you do the rolled r sound? It accepts an L sound sometimes.


    For some reason in the speaking part it always counts pizza as wrong. So unless i have some really funky way of saying pizza there's something wrong.


    I have trouble with my R rolls so it doesnt come out right and it counts is wrong :(


    What's the difference between Здесь and вот 


    Why was puree not acceptable? Mashed potatoes, pureed potatoes...puree of Xyz


    When do you use 'а' for and versus 'и' for and? I know sometimes 'a' id also used as but, but if i want to use and how do i know if it is 'a' or 'и'


    Say it wrong answer just because i didnt use <<,>


    When answering this question, am i supposed to translate in english or the language itself




    I dont like the fact that its too specific it can also be spelled as just "pizza"


    It does not work


    The voicecapture always says "try again" after i push record 1 second


    The voicecapture always says "try again" aftern i push record 1 second


    I thought the word "а" meant "but" and "и" meant "and". Please let me know if I'am wrong.


    There are three Russian conjunctions that correspond to only two English ones: "а", "но", "и" in Russian versus "but" and "and" in English. So obviously they don't match one to one.

    "Но" mean "but" when the second part of the comparison is sort of substracted from the first one. So we'd expect that if A is true, then B has to be true too, but it turns out it's not:

    • "Это пицца, но не та, которую я просила" - This is pizza, but not the one I asked for.

    "И" means "and" when you add two (or more) things stressing the relations between them:

    • "Это пицца и она очень вкусная" - This is a pizza and it's very tasty.

    "А" is a tricky one, because it takes some properties of "and" and some of "but", so the translation depends on the context. Mostly it's used to contrast two things:

    • "Я заказала пюре, а ты заказал пиццу" - "I have mashed potatoes and/but you have pizza" (two different people ordered two different dishes, so there's a contrast and it can't be "и". But there's no implication that we were supposed to order the same thing, so it's not "но" either)

    • "Это пюре, а не пицца" - This is mashed potatoes (and) not pizza.

    • "Это не пюре, а пицца" - This isn't mashed potatoes but pizza.

    (Note, how in the last two examples Russian uses the same conjunction whereas English uses different ones. Russian focuses on the contrast itself, and it doesn't matter whether the statement is positive or negative)

    Generally you can say that "а" means "but" as "rather" and "and" as "whereas".

    In Duo's example there is a contrast between what we have "here" (one place) and what we have "here" (another place). However you can say "Это пюре, и вот пицца." as well. It would just imply adding pizza to the mashed potatoes rather than offering a choice between them.

    That's the general idea, but there are more nuances in actual usage, of course.


    I've tried to say this about 50 times, and it keeps indicating that I haven't said "mashed potatoes" but some other word that looks similar in cyrillic letters, but is wrong.


    I think they meant "These are mashed potates"


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