"Ten obiad nie jest dobry, ale jest tani."

Translation:This lunch is not good but it is cheap.

January 8, 2016

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Such a polish thing to say xD


I seriously hoped Polish people to be kinder, to lie at least out of humility or politeness. Are they really this brutally honest? :D


Well, you wouldn't say this to the cook, but to your friend, I think ;)


I couldn't even bring up the entitlement to tell a friend that what s/he cooked was bad, or even inedible and only choked down because it was cheap and I was too niggard to send it back into the kitchen. :'D Maybe it's just me and a few people who would remain polite in front of this sign of generous hospitality. :D


Oh, I was thinking that you and your friend are in a restaurant, so someone else cooked the food ;)


That's a situation I did not consider, but sounds legit to me, so maybe, this could work out. :D


true story of bar mleczny :)


bary mleczne są niesamowite!

Seriously though, there's amazing food from restaurants, and then there's the food Grandma makes. Milk bars are way closer to the latter than the former.


Ok, bar mleczny ma pyszne jedzenie. Ale, lubię ten żart :)


"Ale, podoba mi się ten żart". It is because you have just one experience with it. You use the verb "lubię", when referring to
the multiple pleasant experiences with it, which in reference
to the... joke does not really make much sense in Polish.

When a girl makes on you a good impression, you might say:
"Podoba mi się ta dziewczyna" (I like her looks or character)

When you spend some significant time with her, you may say:
"Lubię tę dziewczynę" (I like her character) or: "Podoba mi się
ta dziewczyna (She's pretty) i lubię ją" (and I like her... a lot).

It is possible to say in Polish: "Podoba mi się ta dziewczyna,
ale jej nie lubię" (I like her looks, but not her character)


Thank you for the explanation. I didn't know the distinction. Podoba mi się twoja lekcja. 3 years later, I can't make much sense of the sentence I built above anyway :D


Nie prawda. I've had only good experiences in bar mleczny ;)


"nieprawda" is one word, "nie-" is written together with nouns :)


What is wrong with saying "This lunch is not good, but is cheap"?


There is an typing error!? It is "it´s" instead of "is". But I think, we can omit the word. My answer was: "This lunch is not good, but cheap." Duo says, that it is wrong, but it should also be correct!? Can somebody help? :)


Sounds like Polish food. Today for lunch I had pasztet and it was good :D


Why is although not acceptable?


Because that's rather "choć" or "chociaż". And frankly it would seem strange to me, why would you expect a cheap lunch to be good?


Polish food in a nutshell....


If it were zupa would it be tana? Does the ending for cheap depend on gender of subject?


Yes, it does. With the soup, it would be "Ta zupa nie jest dobra ale jest tania".

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