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  5. "хорошее начало"

"хорошее начало"

Translation:a good start

January 8, 2016



does хороший simply take the endings of -ний or is there another reason why -ее is used instead of - ое?


This in russian . cann't you explain it in english


Since in Russian the adjective agrees with the noun it modifies in gender(number) and case, then we need to look at the noun first. Начало is neuter noun and here it's in the Nominative singular form. Looking at the table in the TIPS section we can find out that the adjective ending in that case should be -ое or -ее. Now one more rule. If we have an adjective with the stem on -ж, -ш, -щ, -ч then the -о- in the -ое is always stressed and the -е- in the -ее is unstressed. The same thing happens with -о- and -е- in the other cases already known in this course.


Hello what is the conqueror in the achievement.How do i win it

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