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"Sześćdziesiąt osób idzie do więzienia."

Translation:Sixty people are going to prison.

January 8, 2016



Did they commit the crime of getting their numbers wrong?


They committed the crime of procrastinating their Duolingo lessons. Yet they were lucky: For choosing a life sentence without parole, they evaded the death penalty of being haunted by Duo.


why idzie (he/she/it/ is going) and not idą (they are going)?


Most numbers take Genitive, and then they need the verb to use a singular form. The only ones that take Accusative (and a plural form of a verb) are those that end in -2, -3, -4 (but NOT those ending in -12, -13, -14).


Would you be able to provide examples of these circumstances please?

  • jedna osoba idzie - 1 person goes
    dwie/trzy/cztery osoby idą - 2/3/4 people go
    pięć - dwadzieścia jeden osób idzie - 5 - 21 people go

  • dwadzieścia dwie/trzy/cztery osoby idą - 22/23/24 dwadzieścia pięć - trzydzieści jeden osób idzie - 25 - 31

  • trzydzieści dwie/trzy/cztery osoby idą - 32/33/34
    trzydzieści pięć - czterdzieści jeden osób idzie - 35 - 41 and so on...


Dziękuję bardzo.


What's the difference between "sześćdziesiąt osób" and "sześćdziesiąt ludzi"?


'Sześćdziesiąt ludzi' is incorrect, you should really say 'sześćdziesięcioro ludzi' instead.

The meaning is the same.


you can also say sześćdziesięciu ludzi - less female friendly (sześćdziesięcioro suggests mixed gender, sześćdziesięciu implies men only )but is less tongue twisting

osoby are easier to count then ludzie so when it's impied humans=person=people Poles rather use that word.


Not much osób - people/persons, ludzi - humans.


Shouldn't the standard English translation incorporate present progressive rather than present simple?


The word "idą" can be used in different meanings or time contexts:

  • Sześćdziesiąt osób idzie (na piechotę/maszeruje) do więzienia -
    Sixty people are going (walking/marching) to prison/jail

  • Sześćdziesiąt osób (rocznie) idzie do więzienia (bez powodu) -
    Sixty people (per year) go to prison/jail (for no reason)

  • Sześćdziesiąt osób idzie (pójdzie) do więzienia -
    Sixty people will go/are going (to go) to prison


Yeah, true. Changed now.


It's very interesting to see the cultural differences between the different languages on DL! :-)


The TTS lady really slurs her words here.


Sounds fine to me, especially for a TTS.

Note that while they are almost never any 'vanishing' sounds in Polish, in this case it's a bit too much to pronounce "sześćdziesiąt" so clearly, so ć indeed isn't pronounced usually.


Why is jail not accepted? In general usage, jail and prison are synonyms.
From Mirriam-Webster: "Jail and prison are often used interchangeably as places of confinement."

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