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Existing Assignments to new students?

If an assignment for a classroom already exists, it doesn't look like students added after the assignment was created receive the assignment. How do I give the assignment to students who joined the classroom after the assignment was created? Thanks in advance for the help. Joe

January 8, 2016



Hi there! Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply an assignment to students that joined after the assignment was created.

There are a couple of workarounds for this!

  • If the assignment is a skill assignment, you can create a new assignment for the same skill. You can do this any time after the due date for the original assignment is up. If your older students already completed the skill, they will not have to do it again, but they will be invited to practice.
  • While your newer students are catching up, you could move them to a different classroom and create assignments for them there.
  • For points assignments, you could consider going to the activity details view (Students tab - "More details" - "Activity details") and using the date picker (see screenshot) to only display activity between the start and the due date of the assignment. That way, you can see how many XP all of your students earned while the assignment was active.

[I am moving this post to the Educators forum so other teachers can chime in as well!]


Hello! This was posted a year ago but the features have since changed, so I don't know if you'll find this useful.

If you go to where all your assignments are posted you can click on the assignment and see all the students that have completed the assignment, those that haven't, and those that never got the assignment assigned to begin with. On those students, you can click "ASSIGN NOW".

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