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  5. "Kvinden har små døtre."

"Kvinden har små døtre."

Translation:The woman has little daughters.

January 8, 2016



What about "lille" for little ?


I had to look this up. Okay. Lille is singular. Døtre is plural. Små is the plural form of lille.

If she had only one daughter, it would be fine to use lille.


I believe that they mean age


When I hear the phrase "small children" in English, I picture them to be small in size. But, of course, small due to their young age. So, yes, it's related to age, I think, but it's primarily about size.

I assume it's the same in Danish, but I'd be interested in hearing a native speaker's thoughts on this.


Thanks a lot .. it's just my third day learning this great language and I'm already liking it, thanks for making it clear to me ✌️.


Does this mean number or size

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