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Audio only translations questions for Spanish lessons

Currently there are audio only questions where you have to listen to the Spanish and then write what you hear (in Spanish), however, I would love to see questions where you listen to a phrase or sentence in Spanish (from the native speaker) and then write the English translation out.

The lessons that currently require you to translate into English do already speak the Spanish out, but it also has the Spanish written out, which (if you accidentally catch a glimpse of it) will stop you from learning how to understand Spanish spoken by a native speaker as well.

I understand that no everyone would want this feature, but, surely it is just a case of adding an account setting in that can hide the written Spanish, and maybe provide a button to unhide if someone is really stuck?

I would love to know how many other people have to cover the screen to hide the written Spanish (or any other language) with a newspaper, or have to close their eyes, or look away from the screen (like I do).

January 13, 2013

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I was just thinking about this for the French one (really, for all of them) for both your suggestions. My greatest weakness with another language is understanding what is being said without the words in front of me. I feel it would be most beneficial if I had an option to (a) hide what I see and/or (b) choose only audio challenges. Additionally, when I do manage to figure out the words being spoken, I'm only writing out what I hear as opposed to what is being said. I would love to see these added challenges, whether it be an option I choose in Settings or an addition to what exists now.

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