"Ten kot nie wie co to radość."

Translation:This cat does not know what joy is.

January 8, 2016

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I'm sorry, but I do believe that cats know happiness. So do dogs and other creatures...Anyone agree?


Sure, in general yes, but you haven't seen my cat :D She only knows contempt. And hunger.


LOL! Well, just like people, some cats are just like that. They do have a bit of a reputation for being like you explained. You will be fine.


Is audacity a feeling, or an attitude? Because as of my meagre knowledge, cats are known for their outspoken aloofness before their masters. :D


Exactly, these sentences are ridiculous


I wrote "koń" instead of "kot" and it was accepted XD. A cat and a horse are the same animals for Duo here.


I really don't know what to say, but I passed this example further hoping that someone from the company will see it.


I think the algorithm sometimes forgives a misspelling by one letter in one word, and usually the ending (like ę for ą). Maybe that's why it accepted koń for kot


That's true, however, if by changing a letter we get a completely different word (which is also taught in this course), then the algorithm should, logically speaking, mark this as a mistake.

Plus, this also happens in tile exercises. You can click on the wrong tile and still get it right, which is... well, kinda ridiculous.


https://youtu.be/qIt5G26Z25E (some spelling mistakes in the lyrics)


I wrote This cat does not know what happiness is. but duo says it's wrong !!!


That's exactly the main answer you can see on top.


That statement has made me sad ... thanks duo :'(


I suppose 'co to' is a fixed, indeclinable phrase, but because the sentence is negative I expected 'co' to be in the genitive case ('czego'?).


'Co' is not a direct object, it belongs to a separate clause.

(Yes, there's a comma missing after 'wie')

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