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Assignments not saying "completed"

Hi, I'm confused. I assigned my students 50XP due today, and under the assignment, no one is showing as having completed it (even though many of them reached and surpassed the goal). Will this not show up until tomorrow? Thanks!

January 8, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Hey Teresa! Can you please move this to the Educators forum? It's a forum just for discussing stuff about classes and this post will probably be better if there.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you!!


      In order to complete the assignment, the students need to get 50 XP between the time the assignment is created and the due date. I see that some of your students have reached a total number of 50 XP (or more) but it looks like they got those points before you created the assignment.


      Not sure how to move this. Does this mean I can not create a bunch of future assignments at once?


      Hi Teresa! I moved it for you. You can create a bunch of assignments, but the way it is at the moment, you cannot select the start date, so your students will receive a lot of emails at once and may forget the dates once the due date approaches. We are looking into options for teachers who like to plan ahead. :] Hope this answers your question!


      I REALLY would like to be able to create multiple term-long assignments. PLEASE work on the option of setting start dates. It would make things so much easier to use in the classroom!

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