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Assigning lessons to individual students.

I'm an excited to see that through the classroom dashboard you can know give student specific assignments (either by skill or by an amount of experience points) with deadlines. I have a couple of questions I would love answers to:

1) When assigning a specific skill, do the students have to first complete all prior skills, or can that immediately jump to that assigned skill?

2) Is there any way students can receive notifications of new assignments either through their phone or that appear on the app/website which would allow them to immediately access the assignment without having to go into their email first?

Thanks, gracias, danke schön, спасибо!

January 8, 2016



Hi! I'll be happy to answer!

1) They need to complete all the units prior to that one. The instructions for teachers say something like "reach and complete the skill" and the email students get should show them which skills they need to finish before doing the assigned one.

2) Not at the moment. This is a fresh launch and we wanted to make it available as soon as possible even without all the features that could be added to it so that teachers could start taking advantage of this right away. So right now, they'll have to check their email and be told by a teacher in class if possible. :]

De nada, you're welcome!


Hi vivisaurus! My name is Manuel. I have the following doubt. Is it possible to assign specific tasks to specific students? I mean, while some students are assigned unit 1, others may be assigned unit 2? Thanks!


Hi! Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment.

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