"Did you go anywhere in the summer?"

Translation:Ви їздили куди-небудь влітку?

January 8, 2016

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Why I can't say кудись?

[deactivated user]

    You can. Sometimes Duolingo doesn't accept correct variants. This Ukrainian course has especially many problems of this kind. I hope the Ukrainian team will start fixing them soon... :(


    Кудись would be "Did you go somewhere in the summer?".


    There is no difference between "кудись і куди-небудь". ))


    OK I've been brainstorming about this and so far the conclusion is like this:

    • There is no difference between десь/кудись and де-небудь/куди-небудь

    • In statements, there is a difference between "somewhere" and "anywhere" (e.g. "He can sleep somewhere" VS "He can sleep anywhere"), but in questions, "Did you go somewhere?" and "Did you go anywhere?" are basically interchangeable

    • In Ukrainian, "anywhere" would be "де завгодно" in statements (e.g. "He can sleep anywhere" - "Він може спати де завгодно"). However, it's not used in questions ("Ви куди-завгодно їздили?" doesn't work as "Did you go anywhere?"), only кудись/куди-небудь is used

    If I find time, I'll try to fix all the exercises with these words... For now I'll fix just his one :)


    Does the word order matter? Should

    "Ви куди-небудь їздили влітко?"

    be accepted also?


    In this particular sentence it doesn't matter. Your sentence is accepted now except for the typo in "влітку". Pay attention though, random shuffling does not work in any sentence :) Some combinations are unnatural or even ungrammatical. This particular sentence has the nice property that anything after Ви can be shuffled in any order ^_^


    Thanks! And thanks for noticing the typo also :-) I confuse "y" and "o" in Ukrainian because "o" sounds like "y" at the end of the words in Brazilian Portuguese :p Gotta pay more attention indeed!


    There is a mistake, the right form is "куди-небудь"

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