"Znasz tamtą kobietę?"

Translation:Do you know that woman?

January 8, 2016

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Aren't -ą and -ę supposed to match all the time?

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In feminine singular accusative, adjective declension has and noun declension has . is an exception.

In feminine singular instrumental, both adjective declension and noun declension have .


Thanks, I guess sometimes there just isn't any shortcut to just learning declensiontables by heart.


How do we know when to use kobietę versus kobiety?


Well, they are different forms. "kobietę" is Accusative singular. "kobiety" is: Nominative/Accusative plural, and also Genitive singular (most feminine nouns have those three forms identical). So you need to know which case is needed by which verb/preposition/construction.


Does the presence of the ? mean it is 'do you'? Or am i missing something else which creates the question in the grammar?


Yes, exactly. Or you can start the sentence with "czy" to make it clear that it's a yes/no question.


I think you have to use the question word "czy": -Czy znasz tamtą kobietę? Instead of: -Znasz tamtą kobietę? I heard both versions, not sure if both versions are correct. If somebody from Poland can tell this would be nice :)


Both are correct, and "czy" isn't really that common.


I thought i read in previous comments on another excercise that tamtą isnt a word/correct?


That may have been about "tamtę", because people could expect such a form (to match the -ę ending of the feminine noun) but it indeed doesn't exist.

"tamtą" is definitely the correct Accusative feminine form.


This was so confusing to me, I've always thought that to make any form of "this" become "that" I just needed to add "tam-" as a prefix. Apparently this works for every form except the feminine singular accusative lol


Yes, this is the only exception.

And many people actually incorrectly use "tą", some dictionaries even consider it okay in speech. Still considered wrong in writing though.


I write correct.they say it is wrong


Your report reads: 'Do you know that women'.

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