"She writes in the newspaper."

Translation:Lei scrive nel giornale.

January 13, 2013

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Nel means 'in the' with a maculine word. Eg 'nel libro' because 'libro' (il libro) is masculine. 'nello zoo' means 'in the zoo'. You use 'nello' because you say 'lo zoo'. (not il zoo). Certain italian words use 'lo' to mean 'the' rather than il/la. See above posts.


When do you use "i" instead of il/la/lo?


It´s for the plural masculin form: il ragazzo / i ragazzi as opposed to the feminin form: la ragazza / le ragazze.


When does 'Gli' apply as opposed to 'i'


I believe you use "Gli" when you are using the plural form of " l' ", like in: - " l'uomo " (singular) - "gli uomini" (plural)

And "i" is the plural form for "il": - "il ragazzo" (singular) - "i ragazzi" (plural)

With respect to exceptions, I don't know about them yet since I am a beginner at the moment.


I- The (Plural Masculine) Il- The (Singular Masculine) La- A/an (Singular Feminine) Lo- The, That Him Sorry if thats confusing but i take notes for each word and that is what it says lol. Hope it helped just a bit!


"i" is plural for "il" only


I know the words, but the system has asked me the same question 10 times !!


As explained above 'lo' is used to mean 'the' for masculine words that start with s + consonant, or z. E.g. Lo zoo (the zoo), lo studente (the student). Its rather complicated!


Can some one tell me why (lei scrive nello) would be wrong I marked both (lei scrive nel) and scrive nello) and it showed (nello) was wrong?


Nel is a contraction of in+il. Nello is a contraction of in+lo.
Nello is only used for words where the definite article is lo (i.e. masculine nouns that begin with (s+consonant) or z). Newspaper is il giornale so the correct answer is nel giornale.


This confused me. Thank you.


thanks a lot your comment is very helpful


Here is a table for the contractions of prepositions and definite articles (like nel & nello). http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare153a.htm Hope this helps.


Nello is used with nouns that take the article 'lo'. All other articles use nel...because the article for giornale is 'il', then it is correct to use nel...I hope this makes sense


I also marked "Lei scrive nel giornale" AND "Ella scrive nello quotidiano," and I was unsure why the second one was wrong. It took me a little searching to find out why, but I found it: Using the Q word, "the newspaper" would be "IL quotidiano" and not "LO quotidiano," so "nello" is still the wrong form of "in the" even for this new word for newspaper.


I am having all sorts of trouble with al, nel, nello because the vocabulary was never given. It just started appearing with no explanation. So every time it comes up, I'm guessing. what happened to the flash cards to introduce new thing?


Yes, can't find te lessons either, same as has ,had no lessons to be found , loosing heart by guessing


hello, is there a contraction for in+gli, in+i, a+gli and a+i? thank you!


Good question. Yes, there is :-) in+gli=negli; in+i=nei; a+gli=agli; a+i=ai. The following prepositions follow the same pattern: di (del/dello/della/dei/degli/delle), a (al/allo/alla/ai/agli/alle), da (dal/dallo/dalla/dai/dagli/dalle), su (sul/sullo/sulla/sui/sugli/sulle). "Con" and "per" have also contracted forms but they are not very used, so they are optional: col/collo/colla/coi/cogli/colle and pel/pei http://www.locuta.com/Pr_art.html


thank you so much!




Where and when are we expected to have learned about prepositions and how to uze them? They have not been taught so far.


They have been taught (in Duolingo fashion), but here is a table that might make it easier to keep things clear in your mind. http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare153a.htm


Can someone explain to me when to use nel vs. nello without using proper english teaching words like "proper" or "article"


nell use for masculine and before the nouns which starts with consonant but nello use for masculine and befor the nouns starts with s+consonant or z. both of them means "in the"


What the difference between NELL AND NELLO


well what does in mean in italian? how do i know when to use in?


Perché non: SUL giornale?


Can "nel" and "nello il" be used interchangably? Or, do I always need to use the contraction?


"nel" is a contraction of "in" and "il". "Nello" is a contraction "in" and "lo". It would be grammatically incorrect to use nello for giornale.

I was taught to always use the contraction when I took Italian. I'm uncertain as to whether it would be incorrect to say "in il" or "in lo" but it would be awkward to say and hear.


You never use "in il" or "in lo": you need to use the contracted form "nel" and "nello". Sometimes, though, you need to keep "in" and the article separated; you then use "ne" instead of "in". Eg. L'ho letto ne La Repubblica, I read it in La Repubblica. La Repubblica is a national newspaper and "La" is part of the name and can't be contracted with "in".


Here is a table that shows all the combinations. http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare153a.htm


what would be "she writes in a newspaper"?


I believe it would be "Lei scrive in un giornale."


Can someone explain to me when to use nel vs. nello without using proper english teaching words like "proper" or "article"


"nel" is in + il, while "nello" is in +lo.

Look at the word afterwards on its own; if it is a masculine word that starts with s + consonant or a z then you would use "lo" like "lo zucchero" - the sugar, so you use "nello" when saying "in the sugar".

If you would use "il" for the word on its own, like in this case "il giornale," then you would say "nel" to say "in the newspaper."

Hope that helps.


Why nel? I wrote Lei scrive nello giornale...


I said il giornale and they.said it was wrong.. but I.thought that meant "the newspaper" ? Am I missing something?


when do we use "e" at the end of a feminine verb and when do we use "ia" example: scrive, mangia


Verbs are not feminine or masculine. They just conjugate (or get a different ending) by the person and the number. Like in English ' I eat' 'he eats'.
The correct ending must be learned for each group of verbs. In Italian there 3 (verbs in their infinitive form): *-are (fermare), -ere (leggere), -ire (partire)



why is it not "nel il giornale"???


I already had to write this sentence for over9000 times in the Basic. I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed at this point. Can I get more of the new verbs in the Present topic, per favore?


okay so sometimes I've seen scrivono used and scrive used , is there anyway to know when to use the two?


This is the conjugation for scrivere:
(io) scrivo
(tu) scrivi
(lui/lei) scrive
(noi) scriviamo
(voi) scrivete
(essi/esse/loro) scrivono


what would you use scriviamo and scrivono for then?


Check the message immediately before yours....


When do we use "nel" and when do we use "nello"?


When do I have to use "nel" vs "nello"?


Why cant you use nella? Not sure if nello is correct either.


What is the determinative article for giornale? And How do you combine that with in?


I am a little bit confused. My correct answer has been rejected and the given answer is exactly the same as mine!


Can anyone help me understand what is the difference between 'nel' and 'nello'?


So when do we use nel and nello? Grazie!


I wrote "scriva" instead of "scrive" and it was marked as correct.

Is it correct?

It was not a typo.


Probably it considered it a typo and didn't mark it as wrong... but it is in this case.
scriva is either imperative in the courtesy form (Scriva qui il suo nome: 'Please -sir- write your name here'), or subjunctive (1st, 2nd or 3rd singular) -> Penso che lei scriva: 'I think that she is writing'.


To be honest, we italian in the specific case of newspapers tend to use the preposition "su" as in:

-He writes on Vanity Fair -Scrive su Vanity Fair

or "sul" ("su"+"il"):

  • She writes on her city's newspaper -Lei scrive sul giornale della sua città.

Hope this post may be of some assistance ☺️.


Why is "Lei scrive nel la giornale" wrong?


giornale is a masculine word (its article is il). la is an article for feminine words.
Also: definite articles must merge with the preposition in:
in+il = nel
in+lo = nello
in+l' = nell'
in+la = nella
in+i = nei
in+gli = negli
in+le = nelle


newspaper has 2 ways to be said in Italian how would i know witch one to use


Whats the difference between 'nel' and 'nello' ? and how do they function in the sentence?


what is the difference between "nel" and "nello"


Why would " lei scrive é nel giornale


Be considered wrong?


è (note the direction of the accent) means 'is'. Your sentence translates as 'she writes is in the newspaper'.

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