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  5. "Restaurantene er åpne."

"Restaurantene er åpne."

Translation:The restaurants are open.

January 8, 2016



I'm having a bit of an issue with the pronunciation of "restaurantene," at both normal and slow speed. I was hoping that a native speaker could chime in on this. Være så snill og mange takk =)


Yes, it's mispronounced as «Restaurant ene er åpne.». Please report it. They probably took a shortcut to get the ‘-nt’ to be pronounced as [-ŋ].


Wasn't sure how to compliment the people responsible for the Norwegian course so hopefully this will reach one of the right people: you guys are awesome and this course is so well done. I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks for making this possible.


Bare hyggelig, Harold! Glad you're enjoying the course. :)


i wish, sadly none are


This is not a sentence we can use during the pandemic


Yeah, I was about to reply "No, they are not!"


So if it's a plural you switch the order of the letters?


If the masculine singular adjective ends in unstressed ‘-en’, ‘-el’, or ‘-er’ then yes, you switch the order of the ending to ‘-ne’ and ‘-le’ to form the plural.

Phonetically, the /e/ in these masculine singular endings is either reduced to a schwa [-ən], [-əl], [-ər], or completely assimilated to form a syllabic sonorant [-n̩], [-l̩], [-r̩]. When the plural suffix ‘-e’ [-ɛ] is added, original ending is desyllabified, by eliding the schwa [ə] or desyllabifying the sonorant, leaving the sonorant in the onset of the new final syllable: [-nɛ], [-lɛ], [-rɛ].


No, by the rule you should just add e, so it should've been 'åpene'. But that middle e has disappeared.


Is it suppose to disappear?

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