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Stop "Learning" A Language?

My friends went on my account and started learning all of the languages on the site, where I'm just learning French and Italian. While I know it's really not a big deal to have them marked as "Level One" instead of me not having started them, it's just annoying. Is there any way to reverse this?

January 13, 2013



similar problem here, since I was in level 6 only, I created another account and started again. Silly method I know but I also hate untidy situations.


Had this same problem but then decided to try to learn them anyways. Am now level 5 in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Thanks duolingo!


same here: it would be useful to have the option to clear it.


I accidentally clicked on Italian on the language menu, and it already says I am at level 1. I think it would be more logical if the language would appear on your list only after you started a lesson...


Same thing, I accidentally clicked Spanish, and now I'm always on Spanish level 1. I wish I could undo this.


I know how to delete them, you click on the language, e.g spanish for you, and go on your profile, you then say that you want to learn a language you are already learning, and it will take it off and put you onto that language instead!


I knew how to switch between languages, but not how to actually remove one from my profile, which wasn't possible.

Now they have an option in your profile to delete languages. They didn't when I wrote that comment.

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