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  5. "Kiujn gvidistojn vi ŝatas?"

"Kiujn gvidistojn vi ŝatas?"

Translation:Which guides do you like?

January 8, 2016



Would this refer to tourist guides only, or could it refer to manuals, walkthroughs.etc, as well?


-isto normally is a person. A manual would be “gvidlibro.”


Cxi tiu auxdo estas malbona. Mi havis audi plurfoje gxis fari iom da senso.


I am curious. Where should the accent be in "gvidistojn"? I hear it like gvi-ds-TOJN, with the vowel in the middle (least stressed) syllable reduced. Is this correct pronunciation? Or should it be GVI-ds-tojn or gvi-DIS-tojn?


I am fairly certain that the last one is the correct one. As I understand it, in Esperanto the second to last syllable should always be the stressed syllable. Personally, that is also how I hear the speaker.

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