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  5. "Çocuklar iyi geceler derler."

"Çocuklar iyi geceler derler."

Translation:The children say good night.

January 8, 2016



In English, this could mean "The children regularly say 'good night'" or "I'm telling you 'good night' on behalf of the children." Are these both valid interpretations of the Turkish sentence, or is only the first valid?


Since the aorist is used only the first scenario is valid in the above sentence. If the present continuous (-yor) was used both scenarios would be possible.


I thought it should be ' çocuklar derler ki iyi geceler ' i learned that it is unlike in english not optional in turkish I feel q little bit confused about that :(


the demek ki/soylemek constructions are used for indirect speech, This is direct speech here.


could you tell me what is the difference between the direct and indirect speech lütfen :)


X says/is saying "blah blah blah." -- direct speech

X said that he blah blah blah'd. -- indirect speech.

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