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A Guide to Finding Duolingo Guides

I've started a collection, figured I should give them their own discussion for the ease of future reference. I will be updating this over time.

<h1>(Feb25, 2014) The guides found here are being moved to their new home and updated here:</h1>

http://duolingo.wikia.com Some guides below, like the FAQ have more info (at the moment) but have some slightly out of date information.

NOTE:Some of the material, screen shots and such, come from previous versions of the layout. Most if not all of it should still be similar enough to follow. If it isn't similar enough, please leave a comment and we will provide an updated explanation. :)

1. General Website Guidelines http://www.duolingo.com/guidelines and the Terms of Service http://www.duolingo.com/terms by scrolling to the bottom of any page (Unless it is a page with infinite scrolling).

2. New User FAQ: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103

3. The Immersion Community Guidelines (which include instructions for the up and down votes and so much more) is located here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/984423

4. Immersion Navigation Guide: What is it/How to use it here http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1276245

5. Where to discuss What on Duolingo (link below bullet list)

  • Main Discussion Forum
  • Troubleshooting
  • Language Discussion Forums
  • Activity/Stream
  • Discuss Sentence (Mini) Forum
  • Discuss Skill Set (Mini) Forum
  • Immersion Discussion (Mini) Forum

For detailed instructions and help finding them, go here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215

6. Vocabulary Tab Guide Note: At this time the Vocabulary tab is under maintenance and will be returning. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1453744

7. Keyboard special keys/diacritical marks Guide http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1473682 I hope these help answer some of your questions! ^_^

8. Guide to Managing Duolingo Notifications with Gmail http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1480196

9. Guide to the Incubator
Go to "New User FAQ" (listed above) and go to #4 for Incubator related questions.

10. Guide to What Moderators See (Previous layout): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1587610

11. School Feature: A walk-through

December 15, 2013



I think there needs to be instructions on how to upload a Wikipedia article translation to Wikipedia. Here is a basic guide on doing it.

  1. Make sure the article does not already have the language you intend to translate to by looking at the left hand side, under languages.

  2. Create an account and read these guides: Your first article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Your_first_article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Translation

  3. Go to the page of the article you want to post the translation of, and then change the extension to the translation's language. For example: If want to translate https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvito_de_León to Esperanto, I would change the es to eo, or https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvito_de_León

  4. Create a new page with the address with the extension, and paste the translation there. Go to the original language's article, and copy all the reference and paste them into the new article. The references will look like <ref>[text]</ref>. Make sure to make it into English.

  5. Preview the article, and then save the changes. When you save it, it should automatically post.

I think you should make a translation, and then take screen shots to make a better guide.


Very helpful post, Red_Rat_Writer. I may have committed an immersion crime here and there, but thanks to you, I'll be less likely to do so in the future!

I actually pulled up Wikipedia as I went through your post to make sure I knew what you were talking about. A little later, I thought it might be good to add some screenshots for a couple of different reasons.

Here's an example of a Spanish Wikipedia page that has not (as of this writing) been translated into English:

The image below shows you two examples. On the left is an example indicating the page has been translated into English. On the right, you can see that the page has been translated into English and "Simple English":

Later I decided to make this a separate post to avoid hijacking this discussion and give it wider exposure. You can read the rest of it by clicking on the link below:

Has your Wikipedia article already been translated into English?


Hi Red_Rat_Writer,

Thank you for this providing the steps to this process. This is very helpful.

That last comment, about taking screen shots and making a better guide, is that something you would like to do so your name can go on the guide?

As to what you said about making a translation, do you mean put it through Immersion so there are copies for other forums with a different language base than English? I am still waiting for everyone to get the new layout and the vocabulary feature to come back before submitting the guides to Immersion for wider distribution.


http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1593829 This is the guide, how do you post images inside the post! (going to bed, going to fix it tomorrow).


I will read your guide when I wake up tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are instructions for posting images :) #11 http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103


@Red_Rat_Writer, I've added your instructions to the Wikia and credited you. ^^


It looks like they will probably be moved to their own Wikia page and linked over. (Still figuring out the details)


Thank you for this valuable resource! Good job!


Thanks for the link!!


So I tried going to the immersion section and i can't find it. Have they permanently terminated the immersion feature? Or is it just not available for certain languages?


Hello :) Some people are in a test group. For those folks, there is no Immersion at this time. Also, some courses do not have Immersion for anyone. Staff is unable to maintain Immersion for every course.


Where is the guide of A/B testing?


As I remember, it does not appear at once for a course, only after some level(?). It might depend also on the languages learnt and/or languages spoken. At least, I had not have it for a while in the beginning (learning English from Hungarian, but I had seen it learning Spanish from English). But now I have it, so, it is definitely not terminated. I do not know if it is documented somewhere how exactly this works.


ohh okay so maybe i'll have to wait for another checkpoint or something? Thanks:)


I don't think access to Immersion is dependent on level. Dependent on language? Yes. As has been mentioned, some languages just don't have it.

I am assuming it isn't dependent on level because a little while ago I decided to try my hand (or should I say tongue?) at French. Immersion was available and as difficult as I find that language, I even decided to see how difficult Immersion might be. Surprisingly, despite the difficulty in deciphering and pronouncing the sounds of it, orthographically and grammatically, it is similar enough to Spanish (my best foreign language) that it actually wasn't too bad of an experience. I'm going to study that language quite a bit more before I try it again though. (I should mention that I am only a Level 1 in French. It isn't even enough to be added to by row of language buttons!)


Good job! Thank you, Usagiboy! :)


I think you forgot the general novice guide you once created..


I've looked for it a few times. But, I've had no luck finding it. I don't believe I was receiving updates then and it's no where to be found in my book marks either :( You don't have the link by any chance?

Edit: PS I think I'm seeing a trend with myself... I like making guides. One of my university capstone projects was a guide... facepalm


Indeed, it seems that way. Anyway, I found it because I remembered that I used one of my strange idioms in that post, it was strange enough that there was only one match for it. :)



Oh! Sweet! Thanks! :D

The farming idiom? hehe

(Now i'm a little nervous to look at it. LOL. I'll see if I can't fix it up now that I've got some practice. However, some of my essential formatting features don't show up on the beta layout (such as numbered lists). So, if I accidentally make it messier, that's why..


Indeed, strangely enough they act as search terms for my old threads or posts, kind of like my "signature". Anyway on-topic, I believe there is a lot of repeated content there that you may have written on other threads.

I also recall another thread you made, something along the lines of a pro-tip, and using reverse trees.


Time to update your links. You're welcome to adding the idiom back. I forgot and deleted the old one first. Sorry!


Hi, I started writing up a 'guide' to get the special (non-English) characters easily and neatly on Windows. I'm not a very good writer, and would like to hear your thoughts if you're willing. Let me know if you are or aren't.


Hi CaseyCrayg,

You're right, there is no guide like that listed here.

It is always a good idea to check the Discussion search bar before you invest too much time into something. Let me know if it matches this one http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1109850 I really like your idea though, to add such a guide to the collection. I'm visually oriented. So, I would love a step-by-step visual guide to creating those characters and installing special keyboards and such. Let me know if your guide matches the Discussion already available, or if your idea is new.

If you do put together a guide, it needs to be well organized and written for me to add it to the collection. Also, you can always post it independently as well. ^_^


For anyone who has created one of these guides, I've backed mine up on Google drive (by editing my post, using that mode to copy the text with the formatting marks, and then pasting it into a google docs new document.) I was thinking about the glitches today and decided to back up these many hours of work. Wanted to bring it up in case you wanted to do the same with yours.


9ce! Great resource, and bookmarking...


New information added to New User FAQ (See: #4 in the FAQ.) The inside process of what a team sees when it is creating a course in Incubator. Many thanks to revdolphin for sending the link!


¡Gracias para esto! (:


You could put a link to my Incubator post ^_^.


@SYSTEM_OF_A_DOWN, is it the post that is included in the FAQ?


Thanks for the guide! Send me some lingots please. I want to do the time practice.


Hey usagi, thanks for the guides.


Hey Usagi, the wiki looks great! Thanks! Also, about that Timed Practice?


I have filled in all of the Bars in every checkpoint I have passed. I cannot get to the next level, nor can I find out what level I am at


Levels do not correspond to skills, they correspond to experience points (XP). You are on Level 16, If you notice, there is a little round icon next to your username on your comment, it is your Spanish flag and has your level next to it.

If you have completed your course, the only way to continue leveling up is to practice. You can see how many XP you are away from the next level by going HERE and doing a DuoCheck.

I hope that helps!


I'm new to this I need someone to actually speak to me in the language


@faithsade This is a new post, so, it hasn't picked up much momentum. But, maybe you'll find something useful in it. http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1444346


Hi! I wanted to know the literal meaning of 'Gusto' (Spanish word) in English. Could someone of you help me with the same?


What a shame there are no more explanations for the lessons, just exercises. This is the perfect learning system for this language, as far as i'm concerned. I've tried several times to learn Polish and not got far because the system didn't suit my mind. This one is systematic and has the right steps, addressing the language in grammatical building books, not in a tourist approach ("can i book a hotel room for two people please... where is the post office?") or all-of-life-in-one-go approach (i have two books on the desk. I have lots of flowers in my garden..."). I almost gave up when the explanations stopped and i struggled to find quick but orderly answers to my queries on declension, adjectives, plurals etc. But i may have found the answer here! https://end.translatum.gr/wiki/cz%C5%82owiek Click on "main page" (top left) then insert the key word (it helps if you know the nominative singular) and lo and behold, you get a little lookup table with all you need to know. So then it's easy to understand the progressions in the exercises that seem haphazard without the key. Good luck and lots of fun, everyone!


Is there a chart somewhere with vocabulary listed in multiple languages? I'd like to be able to review an English word (for example, "bread") and then reinforce cross-language recall by seeing "le pain" (French) next to "el pan" (Spanish) next to "パン" (Japanese), etc. I've looked and I don't see such a thing, but surely it would be easy to create?


Late, but for anyone searching:

1) can create a study list from google sheets using the translate function - see (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4362917/Google-Sheets-template-for-Words-Chart) "Google Sheets template for Words Chart"

2) Pull tree into Google sheet - (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23185976) "Export Words into Google Sheet?"


Hi Usagi,
I would like to suggest the removal of the how-immersion-works posts and stuff, since immersion is no longer a thing on Duolingo. :) AP4418
Have a nice day!

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