"Uma receita de chocolate"

Translation:A chocolate recipe

January 13, 2013



Pronounced "oomah heyseitah jee shohcolache" with the "ch" as in "chew"

June 18, 2014


de = of or from. I can accept 'a chocolate recipe' but not 'a recipe for chocolate'

January 13, 2013


The question is, is it a recipe to make chocolate or to make something using chocolate. A chocolate recipe could mean either. A recipe for chocolate is to make chocolate itself.

November 18, 2013


To make brigadeiros: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/24052/brigadeiro/ You should follow the advice in the comments/reviews. An additional tip: If you have an electric stove you may need the heat a bit higher than you think. And remember: they're not kidding about children adoring them. If you make them for a kid, expect to be asked for more of them over and over and over... Which depending on your temperament could be amazing and could be awful.

August 4, 2017


It sounds like 'r' is pronounced 'h' - like in the beginning of 'house'... is it always pronounced this way or just in front of certain vowels?

March 22, 2014


Only at the beginning of words in standard Portuguese, otherwise that sound is spelt ‘rr’.

July 1, 2017


My friend makes those for me she thinks its funny that I can't pronounce the name

February 13, 2018


A cocolatw recipe would mean a recipe out of chocolate yum

December 21, 2013


A recipe from chocolate... Or a recipe with chocolate... Confusing so to say. To me it seems to be a recipe out of chocolate too.

February 23, 2014


Why was, "A recipe with chocolate" not accepted?

November 21, 2018
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