Spanish help needed!

Hola! Yo soy practicando español y yo quiero una persona para ayudarme. Hopefully I said that right.. I really want to become fluent in spanish by June so is there anybody that's really good in the language who can help me improve? Gracias!

January 9, 2016


"estoy practicando". I know, ser/estar is hard to get right.

January 9, 2016

Ask here and you will get all the help you will need. I am not sure if you can achieve fluency by June but my understanding of fluency could be different than yours. I am still working on my fluency after 2 years. :) Still, putting significant amount of daily study and various resources besides Duolingo, you can make significant progress by June.

Your Spanish sentence needs revision:

'Hola! Practico español y quiero a una persona que me ayude.'

1) Instead of 'soy practicando' it should be 'estoy practicando'. However, since you probably did not just mean this moment only, it would be better said as: 'practico español' or 'estudio español'

2) There is no need to repeat 'yo'. In fact, you can leave both 'yo' out and it is clear from the conjugations of the verbs. It is more natural that way in spoken Spanish.

3) Quiero a una persona ...

Here you need a personal 'a'.

4) ... que me ayude:

Here, I first changed 'para ayudarme' to 'para que me ayude.'

I did change from 'para' to 'para que' since you are not the one doing the helping so the main and dependent sentences have different subjects. So, when you con construct a main and dependent clause that connect them with para, you need to insert 'que' as well.

Next, once you the dependent clause needs to be constructed in subjunctive form (also the verb querer trigger subjunctive in dependent sentence). So, the conjugation of the verb 'ayudar' in present 3rd person subjunctive is 'ayude' instead of 'ayuda' that you are normally accustomed to see in indicative mood.

However, I would also drop [para] completely and use 'que me ayude' which sounds more natural as this is an adjectival clause (i.e. one that replaces an adjective) and since the noun that we are trying to quality (una persona) is unknown we still need to use subjunctive. That is:

Quiero a una persona que me ayude.


Quiero a mi madre que me ayuda.

(in the last sentence 'mi madre' is a known)

I hope it is all clear. Now, mastery of subjunctive is very important for fluency in Spanish. Spanish speakers use it all the time in their speech.

Good luck!

January 11, 2016

Hi, thanks! And for the practicando, I did mean what I said.

January 17, 2016

Hi, good evening. Tell me, how I can help you. I'll try to do it.

January 9, 2016

Hi, I can help you to practice too if you want, I am a native speaker and I'm learning english.

January 9, 2016

Here is a link that I have found to be very valuable in my Spanish quest:

Also learning how to use the various verb tenses is very very important. Note that Spanish can have many idiomatic expressions, depending on the country.

I agree, you can probably not really achieve fluency with duo alone, but you can make a good start. Read the lesson comments when you get confused. They can be a big help if you will let them.

By the way, don't over think it. Relax and remember trying to keep "Gold" can be frustrating. It's not necessary to chase it, because it can be elusive.

Everyday practice for short periods worked best for me.

Good luck.

January 11, 2016

I'm ok at it if you need help. I understand the meaning of the words, it's the endings I need help with, just remembering which one to use when.

January 9, 2016

¿para que soy bueno? :)

January 10, 2016

hola estoy practicando español y quiero una persona que me ayude, as you see you can omit the pronoun above all when you talk about yourself it understands perfectly, now when you use the present continuous, the verb to be will always be "estar" no "ser"eg I am practicing español: (yo) estoy practicando español, you are writing, "tu estas escribiendo" saludos desde Mexico la tierra del taco y el tequila

January 13, 2016

Thank you all. I'll be sure to work on it, and sorry I'm late responding I didn't see the notifications for all your responses!

January 17, 2016

hola mi amigo

cuentamelo, dime, cuando tu empezado appriendo espanol. Es possible que lo comprender por juin!

Hi, how are you,

so, tell me when did u started learning spansih. It is possible but it depends on you.

reaching B1/B2 is on the cards no way you can become fluent, by the way being B2 is not that bad (the level which i am at now, currently)

there are 6 levels A1 and A2 - basic/ lower intermediary B1 and B2 - intermediate C1 and C2 - fluent / advanced

duolingo is great app but extra thing you can do is read.. read, read and read spanish material (find online newspapers, read youtube comments by vising spanish videos, translate songs,, anything)

I remember when i was studying GCSE english literature at school my teacher told us to read as much as possible because only through reading you can uplift your knowledge.

I got B in english literature and english is not my native language (though it become my dominant language when i moved with my family at the age of 9 to uk)

December 22, 2016
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