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The Welsh course - with audio!

  • 2011

The Welsh team is very excited about being only a few weeks at most from releasing the course. If you want to see a very short video of the course in operation with the newly added audio, check out our Facebook group.


January 9, 2016



Can this video be found anywhere else (e.g. on YouTube) for those of us who do not use facebook?


Thank you! The voice does indeed sound good; I eagerly await the Beta release.


This is so exciting! It's wonderful to see (and hear) another Celtic language on Duolingo. The audio sounds great and it was fun to spot some similarities between Irish and Welsh in the video (e.g. caws - cáis - cheese). Good luck Tîm Cymraeg with the final few weeks before beta! We are all eagerly awaiting your course :)

  • 2011

Yes it's been fun learning Irish and seeing the parallels.


That looks great, really looking forward to it. Is the voice TTS or a real person?

  • 2011

Voice TTS, pretty good too, we're pleased with it.


It does sound like a real person, in fact like my granddaughter's Welsh grandmother, which is why I asked. Very impressive.


She sounds English to me :)

I wonder whether Welsh pronunciation influenced the Angles and Saxons, or whether the surrounding English speakers influenced the pronunciation of the Welsh speakers, or whether the two languages coincidentally have a similar "sound".


I can tell you in modern times it is both, I reside in England right next to the welsh boarder in shrewsbury. I can have sentences that go something like this "That's ridicul'us that is, i mean it's lush an' all but i dunna wanna do that so i shanna an if you canna find your 'tuthbrush' ill help you look for it i will" as you can see this is a clear integration of languages.

Also for some strange reason we also repeat our selves, like "I Don't really 'wannoo', i don't" or we will stick a question on the end of the sentence like "i can't find it, can I?"

very strange actually maybe a speaker of welsh could clear up wether this has any similarities in the welsh language or just the accent?

  • 2011

Yes they are similar to Welsh speech patterns, remember until probably the mid 20th century there were a large number of Welsh speakers east of the border, especially around Oswestry


It doesn't sound like a general English accent to me as a native English speaker, but it does kind of sound like an English speaker from Wales.

But I guess it makes sense that native Welsh speakers and native English speakers from Wales might have a lot of similarities. I'll withhold judgement until I hear it say a word with LL in it :)


Or if it is a native English speaker or bilingual speaker.

  • 2011

It's a native speaker but the TTS gives it a slightly artificial tone


For those eagerly anticipating welsh , check this documentary out about the resurrection of the the welsh language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke10rMOX-u8

  • 2011

A good documentary but it's talking about about an immersion language programme that has been in running in North West Wales of children of people who migrate into the area for the last thirty years.

  • 1826

Wow, thanks a lot! I'm so excited for the course!


This is wonderful ! I cant wait to start learning it !


Wonderful! I've been looking forward to this so much! Thank you for the preview, and all of your hard work!


Excellent work! The course has been developed very fast and the TTS sounds great indeed. Can't wait for the course!! :)


Beautiful! So excited! Thanks for posting!


The audio and course look very promising! Diolch (the only Welsh word I currently know) to team Welsh for creating the course and in such fast time too!

  • 2128

This is more exciting than Christmas! Diolch Tîm Cymraeg


Looks and sounds great! I think I might do the course once it is released because it looks like an awesome and interesting course. I love the sound of the audio. It sounds nice and clear and not robotic.


I seriously can't wait. I'm really excited for Welsh!

By the way, that Facebook header... Comic Sans, really? XD


I'm actually studying abroad in Wales and arrive on Jan 18th, so this is perfect timing! I can't wait!


even though i do not learn welsh


Even as a non Welsh speaker I knew both the sentences in that video! Can't wait for the course to be released, always wished I spoke the language properly instead of being stuck with the 2nd language GCSE.

Awesome work!


Loving this course!


I am loving it! My dad's parents were from Anglessey, and though I barely knew that side of the family I have always wanted to learn Welsh. I just found out that a 'dress' is a frog... absolutely made my day

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