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"Eu tenho um animal, é um rato."

Translation:I have an animal, it is a mouse.

December 16, 2013



Is it correct to write to sentences with a comma between them in portuguese?

The english sentence is incorrect. It should be "I have an animal. It is a mouse." Or if you really want to make it one sentence, "I have an animal; it is a mouse."


Yes, in Portuguese the rules for using commas are different. They can write very long sentences using lots of commas. In English this creates run-ons, but in Portuguese it's different.


I think a colon works as well, but yes, a comma wouldn't work in English.


Is the r at the beginning of rato mute?


no! it sounds like /h/ in English.


Ah okay, so at the beginning of a word it sounds like an h? And if there are 2 rs it also sounds like an h?


Is rat and mouse same in Portuguese ?


Actually, "Rato" is used to describe something nasty (can be translated as rat) and its diminutive form "Ratinho" is used to describe the others that are clean and fluffy (can be translated as mouse). But you can also saying "Rato" for both. Sorry, I am learning English.


The word animal sounds more like animau, like theres a "w" sound at the end.


The Portuguese "L" has a "u" sound at the end of words and syllables. "Brasiu".


The pronunciation of "rato" sounds like "gato" it doesn't pronounce the "R" like it should I got it wrong because of that confusion.


Normal audio is "eu tenho animal, é um rato". Um misses in the first part of the sentence. Not sure if that is done on purpose so that the person doing the test will notice and add the article there anyway?

Slow version very clearly contains the um, the fast version doesn't.


Yes, the "um" is deffinitely missing in that sentence when you play normal-paced audio, but it is present in the slower recording. I come across this occasionally even in other courses. It makes me wonder, whether the course creators have no time to check the content of the course before they have it go public.


When is the r silent? When you pronounce "rio" is it like "hio". Just curious how do you pronounce rio de janeiro in Brazilian Portuguese?


Oh, the R at the beginning of a word sou ds like H in English. Rio = /hee - oo/


It says I should have "I have a pet, it is a mouse"

Are pet and animal interchagable?


Yes, but you can also use "animal de estimação" for pets.


They are pretty much only interchangeable when you're talking about possession. If you say you have animals, you generally mean you have pets, but if you're talking about seeing animals at a zoo, you're not talking about pets anymore.


Do sentences with e/é create misundertandings? For eg. couldn't this be misunderstood as "I have an animal and a mouse"


A majority of times people tend to get them mixed together. When you start to learn more Portuguese you'll know the difference between them both.<3

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