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  5. "Moja siostra lubi ten kubek."

"Moja siostra lubi ten kubek."

Translation:My sister likes this mug.

January 9, 2016



What is "tę" and what is "ten" again?


"kubek" is a masculine noun so in Accusative (and actually also in Nominative) you use "ten".

"tę" is used with feminine nouns in Accustaive. For example:

Moja siostra lubi tę książkę (ta książka [Nominative] -> tę książkę [Accusative])

What means "My sister likes this book"


when "this" more less like adjective - describes a noun
Polish word "to" has different variants depending on grammatical gender of word.
TEN is male nominative singular
TA is female nominative singular
TO is neuter nominative singular


Is there no difference in Polish between a cup and a mug? Usually in English a cup is something your granny uses (along with a saucer) and a mug is something a builder (and the rest of us) use.


cup can be also "filiżanka"

and also puchar (for the champions etc)

I reccomend google image :)


It won't accept "that cup." I do not understand why it randomly does not accept "that" for "to" et al. Does anyone else know why? Or is this a programming mistake?


At the beginning of the course it only accepted "this" as translation of ten/ta/to, now course contributors try to add "that" to all sentences, but they missed some. Please report when you encounter one.

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