"Did he not tell you that I was sick?"

Translation:Hasta olduğumu sana söylemedi mi?

January 9, 2016

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it is always confusing me the iu... after dik and I always make mistakes by not adding it like (olduğum+u)


That i am sick....how to translate

Wht olduğumu not olduğum is it accusative


Yes, it is the accusative. The specific direct object of the verb is "that I was sick" (benim) hasta olduğum.


This is a complicated sentence, with a 'he', 'you' and an 'I'. This is how I break it down:

Verb (compound): did not tell (söylemedi)

Subject: he (söylemedi mi)

Direct object: you (sana)

Indirect object: that I was sick (hasta olduğumu)


I think you have the objects switched.

Direct Indirect object: you (sana)
Indirect Direct object: that I was sick (hasta olduğumu)


Sana hasta olduğumu söylemedi mi? Was accepted too.


Those final suffixes that we find in this (ı)dik skill, are they there because the verb requires them? Eg. 1.Hasta olduğun(U) sana söyledi 2. kabul ettiğin(I) söyledi 3. çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun Etc...?


I think the ending is like that, because this is the accusative object. Lit. translated: my being sick, my accepting, your very beautiful looking

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