"You have an apple, bread and water."

Translation:Macie jabłko, chleb i wodę.

January 9, 2016

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When is it macie and when masz?


Ty masz - You (singular) have.

Wy macie - You (plural) have.


how do i know when Ty masz is singular and when wy macie is plural?


"Ty masz" is singular and "Wy macie" is plural. Both translates to "You have" because English has lost distinction between second person plural and singular and uses the same pronoun in both cases.


I'm always getting way these wrong on the first try :( How do they want us to determine from the English version if they want singular or plural in Polish?


We don't want you to do it. You choose yourself (and I'd advise to practice both of them).

In 99% of the cases, there's absolutely nothing in the sentence to suggest either singular or plural. Both are equally correct. It's your choice.


If they have multiple things e.g. Ty masz chleb Or Wy macie chleb i wode


Unless I misunderstood your comment, that is not correct.

"Wy macie chleb" is also correct, so is "Ty masz chleb i wodę".

"Ty masz" is 2nd person singular (You, George, have...), while "Wy macie" is 2nd person plural (You, girls, have...).


why's it not woda?


"mieć" (to have) takes the Accusative case, which is "wodę".

Neuter nouns (like "jabłko") have Accusative the same as Nominative (the basic, dictionary form), and masculine inanimate nouns (like "chleb") also have those cases identical. But still you should be aware what case is this.


Does Polish not use the Oxford comma?


Not to my knowledge ;)


Thanks for your help


I put ty masz but was marked incorrect.


"ty masz" is correct and accepted here. If it was marked incorrect, then there must have been some other mistake somewhere else. Even just a typo.


This is wrong it should be,, ty masz jabłko'' since it is just referring to one person, macie' is referring to a couple of people


Sorry, but you are wrong. The English pronoun 'you' can refer to both singular and plural, that is why both "masz" and "macie" are accepted here.


Keyboard wont let me spell jabtko with an accent on the t so i keep being incorrect,what can i do


You can go to the Keyboard settings of your device and enable a Polish keyboard in there.

However, ł is not a form of t. As you can see in the capital letter (Ł), it's a form of L. So if you really don't have Polish special characters (and it's highly recommended to use them, they are different sounds, they shouldn't be ignored just because the letters are similar to some other letters), then at least use L and not T.

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