"There is a snake in my shoe!"

Translation:W moim bucie jest wąż!

January 9, 2016

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Is beginning with "Jest wąż..." incorrect?


While Polish word order is flexible there are more common, less common, and incorrect sentences.

Jest w moim bucie wąż/ Jest wąż w moim bucie are less common sentences - for poetry etc. It also can be a question.

If the sentence has subject , we rarely start sentence with verb, also if subject is hidden we tend to place subject or adverb at the beginning.

Wąż jest w moim bucie. is a common sentence that answear the question where is a snake/ while W moim bucie jest wąż answear the question what is in my shoe.

Wąż w moim bucie jest/ W moim bucie wąż jest - uncommon even pore poetic poetry. we tend not to end sentences with verbs either.


Thanks for the great response! Helped a lot, I appreciate it.


"Ktoś zatruł wodopój!"


To jest waz w moiem bucie! Mmm?


No. Apart from the typo in 'moim' and lack of Polish signs, this means "This is a snake in my shoe", which is a bit of a weird sentence to say.

Russian: "Это - змея в моей туфли" instead of "В моей туфли есть змея".


В туфле. Though, hopefully, Woody wouldn’t wear women’s туфли.


are there multiple cases in a Polish sentence? moim is dative plural, but bucie is locative and wąż is nominative?


Yes, in most sentences you will have multiple cases. Starting with the subject of the sentence (here: wąż) in Nominative, and then "moim bucie" is Locative. "moim" is not plural, it refers to one shoe.

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