"Masz szesnaście sekund na odpowiedź."

Translation:You have sixteen seconds for the answer.

January 9, 2016

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Why can't I use "respond", or "reply"? Are they no good, or is it just because we're still in Beta?


odpowiedź is noun so respond may be not ok. Hint may be for odpowiedz - 2nd person singular, imperative, instead odpowiedź - noun - both mean answer. for example now I have English DUO - I hit reply/ on Polish version I hit odpowiedz.

I think response/reply/answer are probably all ok. On the other hand I don't know if one can give response or reply in 16 seconds.


'You have sixteen seconds to respond/reply' and 'You have sixteen seconds for a reply' are all fine. Report.


Why not " for an answer"?


That's possible, added.


You have sixty seconds to answer would be the same thing in English, yet it was marked as wrong. I guess you'll tell me it's 'cos odpowiedż is a noun not a verb...


The problem isn't "to answer", it's that szesnaście is 16 not 60 (sześćdziesiąt)


Of course it is!! I've been wondering why my exact same answer was marked wrong until I saw your comment and realised I made the same mistake


I write : Masz 16 sekund na odpowiedź And its not correct


I think you're supposed to spell it out so it can tell whether you've learnt the correct declension and spelling of the number


So, why is it genitive plural "sekund" and not "sekundy" accusative plural keeping in mind that "Masz" takes accusative? Clearly something else are the rules when using numbers in answers for questions like "how many" - Please some expert help!, thanks.


You're right that "mieć" indeed takes the accusative, which is why the "szesnaście" is in accusative case. However, if a number ends in a digit other than 2, 3, or 4 (with the exception of 12, 13, and 14) you have to use the genitive plural of the noun the number refers to.

So it would be masz trzy sekundy (you have 3 seconds), masz siedem sekund (you have 7 seconds), masz trzynaście sekund (you have 13 seconds), masz dwadzieścia dwie sekundy (you have 22 seconds) etc.


And does the same go for when following "wiele" or "mniej więcej", as it refers to an amount, therefore is followed by genetive?


With "wiele", yes you would use the genitive case because it's treated as a numeral/quantifier (see also: dużo, mało, trochę, nieco, etc.)

"mniej więcej" on the other hand is just an adverb, it doesn't affect what comes after it.


Masz dwadzieścia dwie sekundy - sekunda is a feminine noun.


Oczywiście, dziękuję. Edited.

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