"Masz szesnaście sekund na odpowiedź."

Translation:You have sixteen seconds for the answer.

January 9, 2016



"for the answer"doesn't make sense to me. Does this mean time given (for example, to a student) to come up with an answer ?
What about : "You have sixteen seconds to answer" (the question)

June 22, 2018


Your version works and I agree it is probably more common, however 'for the answer' isn't wrong and it's a direct equivalent of the Polish construction, so one can understand it more easily.

You can easily say "żeby/aby/by odpowiedzieć" in Polish, but somehow "na odpowiedź" sounds a bit better to me.

July 17, 2018


You say that 'for an answer' here isn't wrong, but it sounds very unnatural to me. Do you have an example of it being used by a native speaker? I'm genuinely curious.

October 29, 2018


I agree, it sounds very unnatural to me too.

February 2, 2019


While uncommon, it still sounds fine to me and I'm a native English speaker.

April 1, 2019


Why not " for an answer"?

May 24, 2018


That's possible, added.

June 24, 2018


Once I make an error, I should get up and walk away, over and over and worse all of the time. Dupa.

December 29, 2018


Why am i thinking of ED-209 here? :D

April 25, 2019, 5:00 AM
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