"Jestem blisko twojego domu."

Translation:I am close to your house.

January 9, 2016

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This is what Duo says to me when I miss a Polish lesson


Why "I am near to your home" is wrong?


shouldn't it be "near your home"?


That is what a native would most likely say, for we like to drop any and all words that sound ok. 'Near to' is still correct though, in the same way that 'I think that you're...' is just as correct as 'I think you're'


wiktionary.org doesn't say anything about this, does "blisko" require Genitive? ("twojego")


"I am near to your house" should be a correct answer.It means exactly the same as "I am close to your house."


Okay, added.


As a native American-English speaker (from Texas), "near to your home" is a phrase I have never heard used, and I would assume someone who wrote this is a non-native speaker. It is always said as "near your home."

... Although, you can say "I am close to your home." for some reason. Not sure why...

Maybe it's more common in British-English?


It sounds wrong to me, too, but here are two examples from the American Corpus:

In 1976, they moved to Atlanta to cut out his weekly commuting and to be near to their children.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Though Niagara Falls is near to their home.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

There aren't a lot more examples in the British corpus, either.


I do not like that!

But thanks for the info. I looked briefly but didn't find anything :(. You guys always do great work. :)


Ruling 'near to' as wrong might be grammatically correct (I don't know), but it is a phrase people say incredibly frequently. If it's not accepted now, it will be in 50 years. We should just get on with it.


In a previous sentence 'i am walking through your home' the 'your home' part was in nominitive, explained as being so because dom is mas. inanimate. Not here though.


"przez" (through) takes Accusative and that was Accusative that just looked identical to Nominative, because that's how Accusative of masculine nouns works - the animate ones look like Genitive, the inanimate ones look like Nominative.

Here, "blisko" takes Genitive... well, and that's it :)


Eu estou perto da sua casa


I'm next to your house shouldn't work too?


"blisko" is too vague, it depends on the scale. If my drive to your house lasts 10 hours, then being "30 minutes away" from it can easily be considered "blisko". But it's definitely not "next to".

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