"A box or a basket?"

Translation:Pudełko czy kosz?

January 9, 2016

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Isn't "albo" a synonym for "czy"?


czy is more natural in questions.


Jumping ahead, but when do we use lub vs czy?


"czy": it's almost only used for a choice between A and B (Do you want to eat soup or a sandwich?), so almost only in questions.

"lub" and "albo" are used in declarative sentences. In theory "albo" should be exclusive (Zjem zupę albo kanapkę -> I will eat soup or a sandwich, there's no option that I will eat both) and "lub" should be inclusive (it's possible that I will eat both soup and a sandwich), but in reality most people use them interchangeably.


So if I wanted to ask if someone had a dog or cat, would it be

Czy ty masz psa czy kot?

With the word 'czy' repeated twice.


Almost. You correctly used Accusative for a dog (pies -> psa), but the same should happen for a cat (kot -> kota).

So we arrive at "Czy ty masz psa, czy kota?".

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