New App Update

What happened to the "Practice Lesson" section on the Duolingo App?

I found it useful since you could practice everything you have learned all together, but now I have to go online to do it because I don't see it anymore. So now the app is only good for doing new lessons, but not really practice accumulative skills.

Can you guys bring it back?

(If it's there but in a completely new spot, someone please tell me, because I can't find it)

December 16, 2013


I think they still have individual tests for each level.

Well, not when the level's skill strength is full.

I agree! I want the strengthen-skills button back! Please, pretty please?

Hooray! Thanks Duolingo, for bringing it back. Now the App's worth using again :)

Yay it's fixed! Thanks Duolingo!

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