"I am quite sad."

Translation:Jestem trochę smutny.

January 9, 2016

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Troche means 'a little'. Quite means 'very'. These seem to be nearly opposites to me.


Time to love English words :
a little or a lot but not ​completely- Cambridge dictionary BrE
to a very noticeable degree or extent - Merriam Webster AmE
I looks like creators went with BrE here.


I see the examples under the UK definition you suggest, but they all seem like normal things I would say where "quite" still means something in the neighborhood of 6-8 out of 10, where a little, or a bit, is more like 1-3. But to avoid debating English semantics, trochę is unambiguously more like a little, without the dual meaning?


It can be compared to Polish "całkiem" ;)


But not troche..I still take issue with that translation.

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