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  5. "Kupuję tylko dwie butelki."

"Kupuję tylko dwie butelki."

Translation:I am buying only two bottles.

January 9, 2016



I bet I know what's in the bottles ;)


the case is accusative, not nominative with or with out "tylko", all the same

  • Would the bottles be in the same Case even without "tylko"?
  • What would the case be in that sentence, and what are they in now - Nom.?
  • Does "dwie" determine the Case, or is it "tylko"?


1) tylko doesn't change anything and never changes
2) dwie doesnt change noun case, it changes with noun (that bit works with 2,3,4 and then 22,23,24 etc)
3 ) kupuję Accusative, butelka feminine - dwa -fem dwie - accusative dwie

kupuję butelki/kupuję tylko butelki/ kupuję dwie butelki/ kupuję tylko dwie butelki.


Is there a different way to say "I'm only buying 2 bottles" and "I'm buying only 2 bottles".


I think they're the same, unless there's some nuance that I don't understand. They're both accepted.

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