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  5. "В вазе стоят жёлтые цветы."

"В вазе стоят жёлтые цветы."

Translation:There are yellow flowers in the vase.

January 9, 2016



Here we go again.

I wrote "In the vase are yellow flowers" and DL marked me wrong for omitting "there." Please, please......."there is/are" is optional in natural, normal English. "There" is more common in spoken dialog, but still not required. "Is/are," in these constructions, without "there," is perfectly good, common English.


I'm from the US and that was exactly what I said for the first attempt and was still dinged.


there are yellow flowers in the vase. in the vase are yellow flowers in the vase there are yellow flowers

these should all work


Yeahhh!!! My favorite color. How did Duo know?


"In the vase are yellow flowers".- Why is this wrong??


Why must the flowers "stand" (стоят) in the vase?


@Erik355794 - In Russian, things either stand or lie down depending on whether they're vertical or horizontal. Something like books can go both ways (if they're lying down on the cover then they're lying down). I suppose flowers could also be lying, but then they wouldn't be in an upright vase.


Your answer explains some stuff about Russian but as for so many answers on here, it does not get to the crux of the matter. IS IT NEEDED!!! Do Russians always use cтоят or do they also sometimes omit it

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