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Here is a list of Danish songs featuring words found in the Duolingo curriculum

I'm Danish and currently at level 10 in Spanish. I want to use my knowledge on the Duolingo curriculum to recommend Danish songs that feature words you should recognize.

RECOGNIZE SOME WORDS: Humleridderne - Malerhjerne, Danser med drenge - Kære lillesøster, News - Du er, Nephew - Gå med dig, Kim Larsen - Soldaterkammerat, Sys Bjerre - Kære farmor du som er i Herlev, Ray Dee Ohh - Mandags-stævnemøde, Dodo & the Dodo's - Gi mig hvad du har, Laban - Hvor skal vi sove i nat, Diskofil - Alt det som ingen ser, To Jyder - Da farfar var ung

RECOGNIZE FEW WORDS: Back to back - Jonathan, Klumben & Raske Penge - Faxe Kondi, Rasmus Seebach - 1000 år, Nephew - Byens hotel, Nik & Ras - Fugt i fundamentet, Sys Bjerre - Malene, Sys Bjerre - Sku ha gået hjem, Ray Dee Ohh - Jeg vil la lyset brænde, Kim Larsen - Dengang da jeg var lille, Dodo & the Dodo's - Pigen med det røde hår, Dodo & the Dodo's - Bambi på glatis, Anne Linnet - Forårsdag, Anne Linnet - Tusind stykker

DAYS: Joey Moe - Million

COUNTING: Je m'apelle Mads - Der er 13 piger

BODY PARTS: Je m'apelle Mads - Hittet om kroppen

January 9, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Ah, this is awesome! I really enjoy listening to songs in Danish. Tusind tak for det. :)


    Glad you like it. I see that you are level 13, do you understand many of the words in the songs I listed?

    [deactivated user]

      I can pick up words yes. But it is still difficult for me to pick up full sentences unless there is a text given.


      hehe, I feel the same way when I listen to Spanish music. Someone should make an international hit about a tortoise drinking milk :))


      Hej! Thumbs up for this really cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I have so much more fun learning Danish from songs :) Actually some singers like Rasmus Seebach and Rasmus Walter have many slow songs so it is easy to hear everything. Tusind tak!


      Thanks. Rasmus Seebarch is great, I think my fav. is "hjemløs". The songs I picked above are not particularly great, they just have alot of words from the curriculum I think. Among them, Dodo & the dodo's and Ray Dee Ohh are my fav from the 80s.

      For very plain and correct Danish like Rasmus Seebach, Anne Linnet is also a great artist but her lyrics are very poetic and probably too challeging, but the pronunciation is excellent.

      For old Nordic inspired music you might want to try Sorten Muld - Bonden og Elverpigen. They take acient nordic tales and translate them into music using nordic and electronic instrumentation.


      Ohhh you have brought it to a next level now. Sorten Muld is definitely one of the finest pieces of music that I have encountered lately. Great tunes, vibes and stories. Thanks a bunch!!

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