Duolingo has to improve audio.

Spanish, Italian, and French audios are so nice. What's wrong with the Portuguese's audio ?

January 9, 2016


French and Spanish audios also have issues (I guess Italian too).

Duo uses external third party for audios, so if no better audio exist around there, Duo can't do anything.
French has now 2 voices (some other courses too), it's very likely this will be extended to other courses if there is a second not so bad voice available (for the course having at least one).

January 9, 2016

I agree, the Italian, Spanish, German and even Irish (which says the wrong sentences half the time) voices are clear and easy to hear, even if they do have some small issues, but the Portuguese voice is really putting me off the course. I know Portuguese pronunciation is quite different to Spanish and Italian anyway, but the voice sounds horrible and with every sentence I'm going "is it really supposed to sound like that?".

January 10, 2016

Well it sounds like a robot but I guess this is just normal...otherwise it's fine (I have no comparison to any other language though). I can understand it perfectly...if some of you are used to Portuguese from Portugal then this might be an explanation as the Portuguese here is brazilian (why...don't ask me :D )

January 11, 2016

Actually I'm used to hearing the Brazilian one, and for the matter of fact, the Duolingo's pronounc. of the words is so confusing, sometimes I have to replay the audio to hear exactly what is said :(

January 13, 2016


January 16, 2016

The Portuguese voice is terrible. It gives little feel to the accent of the language. Most of the courses I've taken have a great voice, the only exceptions are Portuguese and Catalan (for Spanish speakers), which is a shame because they are fascinating languages.

March 2, 2016
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