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  5. "W domu są drewniane drzwi."

"W domu drewniane drzwi."

Translation:In the house there are wooden doors.

January 9, 2016



Wouldnt: "in the house are wooden doors" also be correct?


W domie jest' dieriewiannyje dwieri, in Russian (spelled in Polish)


It is totaaly correct and current usage in many contexts


I'm finding it so hard to remember the correct spelling in these listening tasks. What is the difference between the various "zh" sounds in Polish: ź, rz, ż? I'm struggling to hear the differences (if there are any). Or is it simply a matter of having to learn the spelling slowly (like in English)? Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer


"There are wooden doors in this house" - why not?

In English "in this house" = "in the house"


But in Polish, that would need to be "w tym domu". Meaning may be virtually the same, but as from grammar side, I think we need to be strict.


Are you sure that 'In the house are wooden doors' is incorrect? In my father's house are many mansions...It is not even archaic. I say it naturally. Perhaps if one is widely read it comes more easily.


Again, that's the 'there' problem that will still be present in many sentences. Added the possibility to omit it here.


Ok. I’ve read all the comments but it looks like somewhere along the line there has been a change where it now allows “In the house are wooden doors.” Is it possible to also allow: “In the home are wooden doors.”


Yeah, I guess. Added.


Why not "There are wooden doors in the house." That would be a more normal way of saying it in English.

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