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  5. "The tenth egg is not mine."

"The tenth egg is not mine."

Translation:Onuncu yumurta benim değil.

January 9, 2016



In what situations is değil conjugated? Why isn't it correct to say değilim here?


"değil" on it's own is 3rd person singular - "it/he/she is not";
"değilim" = "I am not"

So in this sentence, we are not negating ourselves: "I am not the tenth egg". (Haha!) We are negating the egg being mine. An egg is an "it" so we use plain "değil". It might help if we change the adjective to something else for comparison:

  • Onuncu yumurta benim değil. = the 10th egg is not mine.
  • Onuncu yumurta büyük değil. = the 10th egg is not large.

I know you waited a long time for a response, but hopefully that helps you or someone with the same question :-)


Is it wrong to use Accusative here: "onuncu yumurtayı benim değil?"


It is absolutely wrong. The accusative is only for specific direct objects and some time expressions. You will not see it on a subject. Ever.


What's wrong with "Onuncu yumurta ben değilim"?


You wrote "I am not the tenth egg." :) It is grammatical, but not the sentence above.


Why not "onuncu yomurtaki benim değil" ?


It would be wrong. Why do you think you should use ki?


Why "onuncu yumurtayım değil" is wrong?


"Yumurta" relates to "onuncu" not to "ben". Therefore, no need to add "-yım". If your sentence was "onuncu yumurtayım" it would mean "I am the tenth egg". "Onuncu yumurta benim" means "The tenth egg is mine". And then you just add the "değil" to negate it.


Why is "onuncu yumurta değilim" wrong?


I think that means "I am not the tenth egg".


No, 'i am not the tenth egg's mean is "Ben onuncu yumurta değilim"


I thought you could leave out pronouns like 'ben' in most cases without changing the meaning, but maybe this is one of those cases where you do need it, I don't know.


You could leave it out here. "Ben onuncu yumurta değilim" and "onuncu yumurta değilim" translate the same way: "I am not the 10th egg." The meaning is the same, with just a slight difference in emphasis.


Here the subject is "Onuncu yumurta" not ben. "Benim" there means "mine".


where should i place the possessive on the 10.!


There is no need for a possessive on the 10th. "Onuncu" is an adjective, so we can just place it in front of the noun we are modifying without any suffixes:

  • Onuncu yumurta benim değil. = The 10th egg is not mine.
  • Yeşil yumurta benim değil. = The green egg is not mine.
  • Küçük yumurta benim değil = The small egg is not mine.

Possessive construction would create: "The egg of the 10th" or "The 10th's egg", which doesn't make sense. :-)


onuncu yumurta benim degilim - why wrong

  • değilim = I am not
  • değil = he/she/it is not
  • Yumurta değilim. = I am not an egg.
  • Yumurta benim değil. = The egg is not mine.

In Duo's sentence, we are saying that the egg is not mine. "The egg" is an "it," so we will use 3rd-person, which has no suffix at all: değil. I hope that helps. :-)

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