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  5. "Ей нужна большая сумка."

"Ей нужна большая сумка."

Translation:She needs a large bag.

January 10, 2016



Is нужна here declined to match ей or сумка?

January 10, 2016


It matches сумка. If you were talking about a permit (masc.), you would say Ей нужен пропуск. If you were talking about a taxi (neut.), you would say Ей нужно такси. If you were talking about anything plural regardless of gender, you would say Ей нужны столы, тарелки, яблоки, etc.

September 24, 2017


Can someone please explain a little further the differences between "надо, нужна and нужно"?

August 23, 2016


Надо still means need, but I read in a previous lesson that it's not used for nouns. нужна is used for feminine nouns, нужно for neutral and нужен for masculine. нужны for plural.

March 28, 2018


Why надо is not accepted?

November 12, 2016


надо needs a verb.

Мне надо спать. (I need to sleep).

You can use нужно (only with о) in the same way.

Мне нужно спать.

When referring directly to a noun you can't use надо. You have to use нужен, нужна, нужно, нужны, depending on the gender of the noun that is needed.

Ей нужен стул. (masc.) She needs a chair.

Ей нужна бутылка. (fem.) She needs a bottle.

Ей нужно молоко. (neuter) She needs milk.

Ей нужны очки. (plural) She needs glasses.

November 29, 2018
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