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  5. "Are you a writer?"

"Are you a writer?"

Translation:Jesteś pisarzem?

January 10, 2016



I wonder why "Jesteście pisarzami" has been marked as a correct translation for "Are you a writer"? Wouldn't the plural make it "Are you writers"?

I tried reporting this a few days ago but both options are still marked correct (in the multiple-choice question), so maybe there just is something I'm not getting? The only situation I can think of where the English translation would make sense is when a group of people is working under a single pen name, but that's a little far-fetched.


It should be wrong. But I think accepting reports goes slow.


Dziękuję bardzo! It's totally understandable that the team has a lot of work in their hands now that the course is still relatively new... Just a relief to know I haven't managed to misunderstand something completely.


So many days have gone and situation is still the same. Why "Jesteście pisarzami?" is marked as a correct answer? In any case, why there is no explanation?


Fixed, thanks. Please note there might be some delay, before the course will reflect changes made in the Incubator.


why " pisarzem" is wrong?


this is not plural......


I was given Jesteś pisarzem as the correct answer. But Jesteś was not offered as a choice. Please add.


Oh, Formal You answers were also starred, so it probably expected you to use one of those. Fixed now.


"jesteś" isn't given as option


... so this unit can't be completed until it's fixed


Are you sure? Can you upload a screenshot? "jesteś" really had to be here and indeed you cannot create a correct answer without it. But I have never seen a proof that a needed word really wasn't there, so if you can, please take a screenshot and upload it here, 'cause that would be a very serious bug that has to be put to the developers' attention. If there's proof, of course.


Isn't it formal you? Jesteście pisarką?


No, that would mean "are y'all a writer?"

Formal pronouns work like that:

  • (Czy) jest pan pisarzem? (addressing a man)
  • (Czy) jest pani pisarką? (addressing a woman)
  • (Czy) są panowie pisarzami? (addressing more than one man)
  • (Czy) są panie pisarkami? (addressing more than one woman)
  • (Czy) są państwo pisarzami? (addressing a mixed group)


Jesteś pizarem? Why is this incorrect?


It's 'pisarzem'.

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